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Car shows in Riverside

Riverside, California – Car show fans come from all over the country to visit Riverside, California, which is famous for its lively events. These car shows in Riverside are more than just displays of vintage and modern cars; they show how passionate the community is about cars.

“Show and Go” Car Show in Riverside

The “Show and Go” Car Show, which has been a yearly event in Riverside since 1997 and takes place on the first weekend of May, is the most important event on the calendar of car shows in Riverside. Over 1,000 classic cars, hot rods, and motorbikes are on display at this event. Car shows in Riverside are known for being family-friendly and committed to supporting the community; all the money raised goes to supporting local events.

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Benedict Castle Concours and Car Show

The Benedict Castle Concours and Car Show, which is very much what car culture is all about, is one of the best car shows in Riverside. It is called “The Car Guy’s Car Show,” and it takes place on the beautiful grounds of Benedict Castle. This car show in Riverside features a lot of different cars, such as Concours Winners, Muscle Cars, Exotics, and more.

Community and Culture at the car shows in Riverside

People love the lively and welcoming atmosphere of Riverside’s car shows. They’re not just get-togethers; they’re culture events that bring families and car fans together. Live music, including classic rock and local artists, adds to the fun at the Riverside Car Show, and the events are so well organized that everyone has a great time.

Additional Car Show Events

The Vintage Camper & Classic Car Show and Clay Braun’s Classic Car & Motorcycle Show are two more car shows in Riverside besides the big ones. The first one is held at the Mission Inn and has a nostalgic feel thanks to its collection of old campers and cars. For a more relaxed monthly event, Clay Braun’s Show has a wide range of vehicles that attract to a wide range of people.

Economic Impact and Community Engagement

However, the significance of the car shows in Riverside extends beyond the automotive display. These events serve as community hubs, fostering connections among car enthusiasts and contributing to the local car culture. It is an opportunity for members of the club to get together, share their experiences, and admire the vehicles of their fellow club members.

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The car shows in Riverside also have a big effect on the local economy, which is worth mentioning. They bring in visitors and give local businesses a boost, while also helping community projects. One great example is the Show & Go, which has raised over $1 million for charity since its beginnings.

With their wide range of events, fun setting for the whole family, and big donations to charity, these shows are still a beloved tradition that brings Riverside’s community together.


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