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Redlands secures over $4.5 million in state funds for homeless encampment solutions

Redlands, Ca. – On December 5, the Redlands city council made a unanimous decision to collaborate with selected community organizations. This partnership aims to support the homeless through the city’s Homeless Solution Division.

This follows the city receiving $4,529,069 from the state’s Encampment Resolution Funding Program.

David Rabindranath, the Homeless Solutions Coordinator, will spearhead the city’s mission to find permanent housing for homeless individuals.

This grant is specifically for projects that focus on helping people living in homeless encampments. It’s part of a state program, as mentioned in a funding notice by the California Interagency Council on Homelessness.

Redlands successfully obtained these funds in the program’s second round of funding, which was allocated in July.

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Rabindranath is planning to request more funds in the third round in January 2024.

His goal with this funding is to provide housing for 200 people by June 2026.

The plan includes offering rapid rehousing rental aid for both permanent and temporary homes, along with employment support services.

Out of the total funds received, $3,498,975 will go to various partner agencies and organizations. The rest will cover city staff costs, including two outreach workers and an administrative assistant, plus expenses for supplies, equipment, and administrative overhead.

Seven local partners will work with Rabindranath and the Homeless Solution Division, each focusing on specific issues related to homeless encampments.

The fund allocations are as follows:

  1. Redlands Chamber of Commerce gets $75,000 for employment services for individuals in permanent housing, aiming to help them maintain their housing.
  2. Family Service Association of Redlands receives $1,009,487.50 for rapid rehousing services, including deposit payments and up to six months’ rent.
  3. Goodwill Southern California is allocated $75,000 for employment services to support housing stability.
  4. The Salvation Army also gets $1,009,487.50 for rapid rehousing services, covering deposits and part of the rent for six months.
  5. $225,000 is set aside for an outreach team to interact with the chronically or literally homeless, involving a couple of staff members.
  6. $115,000 will provide emergency shelter beds for up to 30 days until permanent housing is arranged.
  7. Step Up On Second will use $300,000 for an outreach team to connect with the chronically or literally homeless, supported by two staff members.
  8. Another $300,000 will maintain operations and support services at the Step Up In Redlands facility.
  9. SB Express One LLC is granted $300,000 to offer emergency shelter beds for 30 days while securing permanent housing.
  10. The YouthHope Foundation receives $90,000 for a two-person outreach team to engage with homeless teens and young adults, offering screening, connection to services, and referrals.

The council members expressed their approval of the plan and praised Rabindranath for his effective coordination.

Councilwoman Jenna Guzman-Lowery raised a question about how those housed outside Redlands could still receive support services from the city. Rabindranath assured the council that transportation services would be available through the outreach staff.

Guzman-Lowery also sought more information about housing options for homeless couples who might not qualify for family services. Rabindranath clarified to the council that there are no specific criteria restricting housing assistance to individuals.

Another issue discussed was the challenge of traveling between homes and workplaces or accessing social and health services. Rabindranath responded by saying that housing partners will strive to find accommodations for people within or near Redlands, within the limits of their budgets.

He informed the council that he would be the primary contact for coordination and would assist individuals in connecting with the right outreach team.

For further information, inquiries can be directed to staff writer Israel J. Carreón Jr. at [email protected], or by phone at (909) 335-6100.


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