Enjoy a good laugh with Murrieta PD’s Weekly Roundup 12/14

From Murrieta Police Department/Facebook

– Friday morning around 1:00 am, Officer Byrne conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle seen driving slowly in an area where there were few homes and no open businesses. #heywhatchudoin Officer Byrne contacted the occupants and conducted a routine records check. The records check revealed that the driver, Daniel Mendoza had some outstanding warrants. #doh The passenger, “Daniel Johnson” didn’t have anything. Nothing. Not even a driver’s license. #kindaodd That’s because his name wasn’t Daniel Johnson. It was Christian Figueroa and he too had an outstanding warrant. #nicetry Both gentlemen were reminded that #nothinggoodhappensaftermidnight and were taken to #CBDC to handle their warrants.


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Hemet pedestrian recovering after hit by pickup

– Officer Miller responded to a report of a suspicious person Friday afternoon at a fast food restaurant. The caller stated that there was a male acting suspicious and dancing around the location. When Officer Miller contacted the male, he was in the middle of his dance routine and feeling the music. Now, dancing isn’t a crime. #thisisntFootloose But being under the influence while on formal probation is. Alan Garcia-Aleman was placed under arrest and taken to #thebyrdhouse.

– Being parked in front of a bank late at night is going to get the attention of an officer. #FYI Corporal Pitetti contacted the occupants of a vehicle late Friday night and discovered that the driver, Marlon Cruz had an outstanding felony warrant and his passenger Savannah Cavanaugh had some meth and narcotics paraphernalia. The couple spent the rest of their weekend in #thebyrdhouse. #coupleswhocrimetogether #havecourttogether

– Have you heard of the #9PMRoutine? It’s a great way to combat theft and make sure that you’re not a victim of crime. We ask that every night you make sure that you have taken all of the valuables out of your vehicle, lock your vehicle, lock up your house and get your mail. Why do we ask you to do this? Because of things like this – Sunday afternoon officers responded to a possible fraud in progress at a local big box store. The loss prevention officer stated that there was a female at the location attempting to cash what appeared to be an altered check. Sure enough, the check had been stolen and Marilyn Kong’s name had been written in the place of the original payee. #thisisntyourcheck #fraud #mailtheft #notcool Of course, Marilyn was just helping out her friend “Jessica.” Thanks to “Jessica,” Marilyn was arrested for passing a fictitious check and her outstanding warrants.

– We’ve all needed a little pick me up after a long day. #caffeineismyfriend Sometimes you just have to stop and get a #Rockstar, #Monster or #coffee from a local convenience store. However running into a convenience store and stealing an energy drink isn’t the best way to get that pick me up. Especially if you have a couple outstanding felony warrants and an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. Sunday night Brittany Wright was arrested for her outstanding warrants and booked into #CBDC. #shouldapaidforit #nowyoureinjailandtired

– Are you familiar with Lo-Jack? It’s a security feature that you can put on your car and activate it if the car is ever stolen. Once Lo-Jack is activated, it sends a signal that is picked up by law enforcement vehicles. Wednesday afternoon, Officer Duffy received a Lo-Jack hit while driving in the area of Murrieta Hot Springs and Alta Murrieta. Officer Duffy and several other officers converged in the area looking for the vehicle. Like a game of #Marco #Polo the officers followed the signal until they located the vehicle, which was conveniently parked next to a donut shop. #score #donutsafteranarrest #caloriesdontcount The officers contacted Rachel Roldan and Ryan Barton inside the vehicle. Of course Rachel had just borrowed the car from a friend. #ofcourseshehad And of course Ryan didn’t know where the #meth and #heroin in his backpack came from. #ofcousreshedidnt The couple was arrested and booked into #CBDC. #coupleswhocrimetogether #havecourttogether

Do you have holiday party plans this weekend? If you plan to partake in the holiday libations, please be sure to designate a driver. #uber #lyft #taxt #callyourmomma We don’t care who you call as long as you don’t end up in the Roundup!

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