Enjoy a good laugh with Murrieta PD’s Weekly Roundup 1/10

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– I think it’s a fair assumption that no one likes to go to jail. But just so you know, kicking and screaming will not get the officer to change their mind and let you go. #fyi Officer Evans arrested Emerald Plunkett Thursday night after responding to a disturbance. Ms. Plunkett had some narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia on her so she won a trip to #thebyrdhouse. Apparently Emerald didn’t want to go, so she thought that trying to kick out the car window was a great way to get out of going to jail. #ummmno #thatsnothowthisworks Not only did Emerald still go to jail, she won herself another charge. #resistingarrest


BREAKING: MVPD Chief ousted, stripped of all law enforcement powers

Officials nab gun-wielding man after Hemet pursuit

UPDATE: La Quinta couple identified after apparent murder-suicide

– You already know what the #PPCT team does. #theyrebusy #allovertown Friday morning they were doing their job and making sure that a known subject #hesbeenintheroundupbefore was complying with the terms of his #PRCS probation. During a probation search of his residence, they came across his girlfriend, Cassandra Simons, who had a felony warrant. Ms. Simons went to #thebyrdhouse and her boyfriend was left all alone.

– Friday afternoon Officer Drootin conducted a traffic stop and contacted Nicholas Faucher and his companion. Unfortunately for Nicholas, he was violating the terms of his parole and had narcotics paraphernalia. #doublenegative His weekend plans were cut short when he was arrested and booked into CBDC.

– Accidents happen. We get it. But causing a car accident when you’re under the influence and then trying to walk away? #notacceptable Saturday morning Joseph Mccaw was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, possession of narcotics paraphernalia and hit and run.

– Saturday afternoon Officer Hayes contacted Ian James and his companion while they were sleeping in their car at a park. #powernap The only problem was that it wasn’t their car. It had been reported stolen the day before in Hemet. #doh Ian went to #CBDC and his companion was released.

– Officer Gannuscio contacted Charles Robinson at midnight while he was walking around the parking lot of a closed business. #nothinggoodhappensatmidnight Officer Gannuscio located counterfeit money and some meth on Mr. Robinson so Mr. Robinson got to finish his night at #thebyrdhouse.

– Officer Valle was on patrol Monday morning at 1:30 a.m. when she conducted a traffic stop on California Oaks Road. When she ran the license plate, the dispatcher informed her that the plate had been recently stolen in Lake Elsinore. #saywhat #gingerpowersactivated That’s when Officer Hom and Officer Mehr showed up. I’m pretty sure that it was at that point that James Possehl realized that his night was over. #3copsonatrafficstop During a search of the vehicle, the officers located narcotics and an unregistered loaded handgun. Mr. Possehl was right, his night of nefarious behavior was over, but his day at #CBDC was just beginning. #positiveoutlook


Agencies worldwide mourn with LPD after “devastating loss” of KK Donut truck

Caballero celebrating 29th birthday gallops onto freeway, corralled for DUI

Big-rig transporting cheese erupts into fondue inferno

– Did you ever watch Supermarket Sweep? The contestants would race around the store grabbing as many items as they could and the team with the highest total in groceries would win. #grabtheturkeys #andthelaundrydetergent Apparently Holly Cannon was playing her own solo version of Supermarket Sweep Tuesday evening. After some power shopping of her own, she was stopped by loss prevention as she fled the store. Her selections of electronics, vacuums, cameras and personal care items would have been enough for her team to win too. #butitsnotagame #youcantdothat #wecallitstealing Needless to say, Holly lost the game and spent the rest of her night in #CBDC.

– The kids are going back to school next week! #whoopee Now is a great time to refresh your memory of the correct way to do school drop-offs and pick-ups. 1 – slow down, 2 – don’t park in the street, 3 – slow down, 4 – don’t park in the red zone, 5 – slow down, 6 – don’t block drive ways, 7 – slow down, 8 – use crosswalks. Our motor officers will be at the schools on Tuesday to make your return go as smoothly as possible.

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Trevor’s assignments included Corrections, Patrol, DUI Enforcement, Boat and Personal Water-Craft based Lake Patrol, Off-Road Vehicle Enforcement, Problem Oriented Policing Team, and Personnel/Background Investigations. He finished his career while working as a Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Investigator and was a court-designated expert in child abuse and child sex-related crimes.

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