Murrieta PD’s Weekly Roundup 9/13

From Murrieta PD/Facebook

– The Parole Probation Compliance Team #PPCT contacted Joseph Szymczyk Wednesday morning while he was on an early morning stroll. There’s not many people walking around at 4:00 a.m. so this peaked the team’s curiosity. The officers immediately recognized Joseph Szymczyk from previous contacts. Unfortunately for Mr. Szymczyk, he had five misdemeanor warrants, narcotics paraphernalia and a counterfeit $100 bill. The #PPCT finished their shift with a delivery to #thebyrdhouse.

– Saturday morning Officer Slaughter responded to a traffic collision on California Oaks where a van had run a red light and crashed into two other vehicles. During his investigation, Officer Slaughter discovered that the driver of the van, Catalina Gonzalez, appeared to be under the influence. #funfact Officer Slaughter is a certified drug recognition expert and a drug recognition expert instructor. #heknowshisdrugs #certified #expert Officer Slaughter determined that Ms. Gonzalez was driving under the influence of a controlled substance and booked her into the #CBDC.

– Saturday afternoon Officer Leitch contacted Steven Martin and Jaime Chavez during a traffic stop. Officer Leitch discovered that both Steven and Jaime were on #PRCS with search terms, so he conducted a probation search of their vehicle. In case you didn’t know, possession meth and narcotics paraphernalia is a violation of probation. Steven spent the rest of his day in #thebyrdhouse and Jaime was sent on her way. #couplesthatprobationtogether

– Saturday night Samantha Bailey and Michael West were contacted during a traffic stop. Both Samantha and Michael had outstanding warrants and were both on probation. During the probation search of the vehicle, the officer found heroin and burglary tools. Their date night was moved to #thebyrdhouse. #dotheyhavecouplescells

– Remember a few weeks ago when the SWAT team had to respond to a guy who had #wattoommuchtodrink and discharged his shotgun through his floor into the neighbor’s apartment below? Well we had another incident with someone who had #waytoomuchtodrink and was showing off a gun at a party. Just like in the videos you see on Facebook, he ended up having an alcohol related mishap. #ARM Please don’t think that showing off your gun after a few drinks is a good idea, because it’s not. No one likes it when the police show up at a party. #dontknowwhy #werealotoffun At least this person had some #greatfriends that took him to the hospital and tried to clean the blood out of the carpet before it stained. #thosearegoodpeople #keepthem #andputthegunaway

– Is it just me, or are the telemarketers getting more and more aggressive? Normally we just let it ring, but this one number kept calling us so we decided to see who it was. #theyjustkeepcalling #itmustbeimportant Man are we glad that we answered that call because offers like that don’t happen all the time. #whatadeal Most are offering a great deal on a timeshare, or a way to pay off our student loans early. #thiswasbetter This caller was offering heroin at a great price. #butwaittheresmore He even wanted to deliver! The offer was too good to pass up so we agreed to meet Michael Warner to complete the purchase. Much to Michael’s dismay, we weren’t the person that he thought he was calling. #awkward #surprise #itsus Even though he was pretty disappointed to see us, we still gave him a free ride to #thebyrdhouse.


Contact the editor:

Trevor Montgomery, 47, recently moved to the Intermountain area of Shasta County from Riverside County and runs Riverside County News Source and Shasta County News Source. Additionally, he writes for several other news organizations; including Riverside County based newspapers, Valley News, The Valley Chronicle, and Anza Valley Outlook; as well as Bonsall/Fallbrook Village News in San Diego County and Mountain Echo in Shasta County.

Trevor spent 10 years in the U.S. Army as an Orthopedic Specialist before joining the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in 1998. He was medically retired after losing his leg, breaking his back, and suffering both spinal cord and brain injuries in an off-duty accident. (Click here to see segment of Discovery Channel documentary of Trevor’s accident.)

During his time with the sheriff’s department, Trevor worked at several different stations; including Robert Presley Detention Center, Southwest Station in Temecula, Hemet/Valle Vista Station, Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center, and Lake Elsinore Station; along with other locations.

Trevor’s assignments included Corrections, Patrol, DUI Enforcement, Boat and Personal Water-Craft based Lake Patrol, Off-Road Vehicle Enforcement, Problem Oriented Policing Team, and Personnel/Background Investigations. He finished his career while working as a Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Investigator and was a court-designated expert in child abuse and child sex-related crimes.

Trevor has been married for more than 28 years and was a foster parent to more than 60 children over 13 years. He is now an adoptive parent and his “fluid family” includes 13 children and 14 – but soon to be 16 – grandchildren.


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