Opal Singleton and Million Kids – working to change the lives of human-trafficking victims worldwide

By Opal Singleton

Opal Singleton

Opal Singleton is the President and CEO of Million Kids and Board Member and Director of Development for Rapha House International.

Both organizations exist to combat human trafficking in the U.S and Internationally.

Opal has trained tens of thousands of government officials, school administrators, social outreach organizations, civic leaders, faith-based organizations and prominent individuals about human trafficking, sextortion, child pornography and social media exploitation in the U.S. and around the globe.

Opal is also an Instructor at the USC Sol Price Safe Communities Institute and an Instructor at Los Angeles Fire Leadership Training Academy. Opal serves on the California Baptist University Deans Advisory Board for Global Social Justice Outreach

Opal has completed the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation Instructor Course and recently has served on the POST (Peace Officers Standardized Training) panel to develop the training curriculum on human trafficking including sex and labor trafficking for law enforcement for California.

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MillionKids.org serves as the Training Outreach Coordinator for the Riverside County Anti Human Trafficking Task Force and is contracted for training services for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department through a Department of Justice grant.

Opal has developed and trademarked a program called “The Love Trap” to educate teenagers, parents and school administrators about being coerced or seduced into prostitution, pimping, and social media exploitation.

Opal conducts hundreds of hours of research on understanding evolving technology as it applies to crimes of exploitation, criminal investigation and prosecution.

Opal is the author of “Seduced, The Grooming of America’s Teenagers” created to educate parents, education professionals and first responders about social media apps and on-line gaming programs (MMORPG’s) and how they are used to access, groom and recruit unsuspecting kids so they can be exploited.

The book is currently rated 5 stars by Amazon Senior Book Reviewers and is in the fourth printing. Opal regularly appears on radio talk shows and TV throughout the nation educating listeners on sex trafficking and social media exploitation.

Opal is also the host of two radio shows: KTIE 590AM (The Answer) broadcasts “Exploited: Crimes and Technology” on AM Radio throughout Southern California each Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Opal also broadcasts a global radio show, “Exploited: Crimes Against Humanity” every Thursday at 7 a.m. PST to 170 countries on Voice America Variety Channel. This show is now the most listened to show on Voice America Variety Channel.

Working closely with law enforcement, Opal often sits with parents of kids who are being recruited into the “The Life” or have already gone missing. Opal spends countless hours training the public about how human traffickers operate and looking for missing kids that may be in the life. She counsels kids who have become victims of “sextortion” as an illicit photo is being illegally distributed throughout the world.

In 2012, Opal was awarded the “Ruby Award” by Riverside Soroptomist Club for her work in combating Human Trafficking and the “Individual Excellence” award for Non Profit Organizations by 211 Community Connect. Recently Opal was awarded the “Child and Family Advocate of the Year” award through the ‘HOPE FOUNDATION” sponsored by the Family Services Association of Riverside County.

Opal retired after a long career in International Marketing where she accrued nearly 3 million frequent flyer miles. This gave her an opportunity to witness exploitation and poverty in every continent on earth. She has dedicated her retirement years to saving children from exploitation where ever she can.

Prior to his passing, Opal was married to Del Singleton, her friend and life partner of over 42 years. She loves archeology, travel, and is a successful glass and acrylic painting artist.

Opal’s Contact Information 951-323-0298 (cell) Opal@Millionkids.org (email)

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TO DONATE: www.MillionKids.org or PO Box 7295 Riverside, Ca 92513 Tax ID #: 31536


Technology and Crime are changing at the speed of light. Technology can be exciting and will truly change our lives. However, predators and bad guys learn very quickly how to use technology to access, groom, and exploit our young people.

This is the first generation of kids that has access to the entire world and the entire world has access to them. Apps, chat rooms, online gaming, live streaming, disappearing video, sexting and cyber currency are tools predators and pedophiles learn very quickly to pretend to be our child’s new best friend.

We MUST equip our young people to become leaders in combating cyber sex exploitation.

JOIN US EVERY SATURDAY AT 3:00 on KTIE, 590 The Answer as we explore how predators use social media and technology to access, groom and recruit innocent kids.

Most important, we can educate YOU so we can all say NEVER AGAIN should another child be exploited. Follow Million Kids on Facebook or go to www.millionkids.org to learn more about this program. Or contact Opal Singleton at Opal@MillionKids.org.


Human trafficking Is the fastest growing crime in America. Three out of four cases involve U.S. citizens, mostly our young people who have been lured, tricked or forced into prostitution or sextortion.

We are at a unique time in history. We have a generation of young people who have never NOT known the Internet and we have generations of parents and grandparents who are techno phobic. Some are techno impotent. Young people live in a secret world where they hold all the power and parents are challenged to find ways to empower their children to learn new technology while finding ways to keep their child safe from predators.

Today we hand our young people devices that opens the door to an estimated 750,000 to ONE MILLION PREDATORS. Never before has there been so much competition to influence your child’s morals, spirituality, sexuality, gender identity, self-image and decision-making. That used to be the role of the parent.

Sometimes the results are catastrophic as a girl finds a new-found friend on the internet. She gets mad at her folks and sneaks out to the mall and he turns out to be a pimp. This is called Sex Trafficking.

Sometimes a guy meets a cute new girl playing video games and she wants a nude photo of him. It turns out to be a 59-year-old pedophile and he begins to receive offers for sex from men or threats of blackmail. This is called Sextortion.

Sometimes it simply opens the door to chat rooms with people we would never allow in our living room. These activities look harmless and sometimes take place in their bedroom or in the back seat of your car.

In the past 12 months the Internet has expanded dramatically introducing video chat rooms, live media streaming and global chat rooms in online gaming. Apps such as Kik, Tinder, Burn Book, and video chat rooms like Omegle, ooVoo, Live Streaming like Periscope and MMORPG’s (massive online gaming chat rooms) innocently introduce our children to total strangers.

Opal’s book, “SEDUCED: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers,” is all about how social media and online gaming is used to Access, Groom, Recruit and Exploit our young people.

Opal Singleton is the Training and Outreach Coordinator for the Riverside Human Trafficking Task Force. She has worked with parents and victims of child sex trafficking for many years. She is President and CEO of Million Kids and works with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Opal has trained tens of thousands of government agency personnel, school administrators, corporations, civic groups and faith-based organization about how to keep a child safe from sex trafficking.

This book and her presentations are based on real cases where young people were groomed and recruited into exploitation. It is eye opening, empowering and urgent.

To Order online: Go to MillionKids.org or Amazon.com
$15.99 plus shipping and handling

When purchased from www.MillionKids.org we are able to use the funds to support the work of Million Kids in preventing child sex trafficking.

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To contact the author for an interview or presentation:
Opal@MillionKids.org (951) 323-0298


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Trevor spent 10 years in the U.S. Army as an Orthopedic Specialist before joining the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in 1998. He was medically retired after losing his leg, breaking his back and suffering both spinal cord and brain injuries in an off-duty accident.

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Trevor has been married for more than 27 years and was a foster parent to more than 60 children over 13 years. He is now an adoptive parent and has 13 children and 14 grandchildren.

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