SAN JACINTO: Aldi Food Market approved for development on San Jacinto Ave

SAN JACINTO — On Monday, August 21, 2017, the City of San Jacinto Planning Commission approved a proposal from Mark Development Inc. to construct a 19,056 square foot building on San Jacinto Avenue at Commonwealth to develop an Aldi Grocery Store.

San Jacinto’s Planning Commission has approved a proposal for Aldi Food Market to begin development at San Jacinto and Commonwealth Avenues in San Jacinto.

The project consists of building the Aldi Grocery Store along with another 6,040 square foot building for additional retail on the site. The project marks the second new retail development approval for San Jacinto in the past three months. A Starbucks drive thru to be built on San Jacinto Avenue in the Stater Bros. parking lot was the first.

Aldi has its own unique style when it comes to grocery shopping and has been recognized as one of the fastest growing retailers in the United States. Aldi brands claim to save shoppers up to 50% on the items that you buy the most, as compared with other national brands. More information about Aldi is available on the company’s website at

“The City is excited to welcome Aldi to San Jacinto and offer its low priced, unique brand of shopping to the community”, said City Manager Rob Johnson. “With Starbucks and Aldi coming to town, San Jacinto is experiencing attention from a regional perspective. Our housing starts are going through the roof, which is a great economic indicator for our retail recruitment success.”

The City is also launching #advanceSJ, which will be seen throughout its economic development materials. #advanceSJ, much like #GoSanJacinto, will help to spotlight amenities and bring attention to the improvements being made for the community by the City and its partners.

For more information and to get started connecting with updates from City Hall, text GOSANJACINTO to 22828.

Click image to connect to Aldi Food Market’s weekly, online flier.

City of San Jacinto press release.


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  • Where on San Jacinto Blvd. Will it be?

  • Hi Trevor

    I was wondering if you know any information’s on how do I apply for a job at the Aldi store please. Thank you so much in advance. May you have a bless day.

    Auvae Melei.

    Ps- I live in hemet on w Thornton ave. Just moved here about 7 months ago.

  • When are they going to be opening? Lol

  • Does anyone else think this is stupid? We still have the newish vacant store front on Esplanade. You know the one where the Fresh Easy was at and closed?! And several spots in that strip mall are still unoccupied as well. Shouldn’t we encourage those to be filled first? Not to mention the needed refurbishment to many existing buildings all ready here. How is that gonna get filled when we can’t fill the strip mall’s we already have in town? Or even in Hemet?


      Take a ride up to Beaumont and check out the Aldi Store. It’s located on First Street near all the major shopping venues.
      They like to be near a Walmart because of the high traffic volume. Look around the parking lot and what you won’t see are
      shopping carts. Why? Because you have to unlock the cart from the cart pen with a quarter. You get the quarter back when you return the cart to the cart pen. That helps keep the overhead down. They don’t bag your groceries. You have to do that at the area just past the check out stands. They will sell you a nice reusable bag if you didn’t bring your own.
      You will find the price for most everything in the store lower than other grocery stores. One more thing: there are no displays blocking the aisles. It’s easy to get around. The weekly non-grocery item specials are a real draw!

  • As a resident of San Jacinto I think it’s too close to Walmart. We need something closer to Ramona Expressway and State. We need more STORE in San Jacinto to shop please we need a 99c STORE or a target and a food4less.

  • While it is great to see businesses coming to San Jacinto, a Winco would be much better and the empty field across from Staters at Ramona/State would be perfect. A Trader Joes in the vacant Walgreens building at Ramona/State would have been perfect, too. Instead it is now a dialysis building, which will have absolutely no impact on my spending money in SJ!

    • Dialysis centers are an important benefit to any community. Be thankful that any of your friends who are suffering kidney failure have a center close by.

      Aldi likes to snuggle close to Walmart stores because of the traffic they bring in. The one coming to Hemet will be just a stone’s throw from the Walmart there. With several thousand stores across the US, Aldi knows where to place their stores.

      If you’re a bargain hound like me, you’ll be amazed with the weekly deals, the friendly cross trained staff, and the shopping carts. Yes, you do have to bag your own groceries and return your shopping cart to get your quarter back. The best part is looking at your receipt. It makes the other grocers prices look silly.

    • Jean Jurkiewicz-White

      aldys will save you all money be glad it will be here now maybe other stores will drop prices

  • Do know how I can apply for the new Starbucks on San Jacinto Blvd .? The one between Chase bank and Burger King

    • Hi Briana,

      Starbucks is holding open interviews for their new San Jacinto location on March 8, from 9am to 12pm and then after lunch from 1pm until 3pm at the Hemet/San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce at 615 N. San Jacinto St.

      Good luck!


  • Hi Trevor Montgomery, how can I go about with applying at the new Starbucks off San Jacinto Avenue?

    It looks almost done! Can’t wait!

    • Well, you just missed their big, all-day cattle call last 8th, Dina. I know the other area Starbucks were accepting and forwarding applications to SB’s HR for a while, but not sure if they still are due to the high volume of interested applicants. I haven’t heard of any future mass hiring calls, but if I do I will post an update here.


  • I heard it was going to be a Sonic there on Commonwealth and San Jacinto next to it is store

  • How can I apply at Aldis


    Looks like they are hiring through the store in Beaumont.

  • There’s so much empty land on Sanderson and empty buildings but yet it seems like the city of San Jacinto isn’t doing anything about it. Menifee is thriving like crazy with a bunch of awesome restaurants and retail stores but yet it seems like the city of San Jacinto doesn’t care.

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