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Kindness. Love. Compassion.

There is no age limit.


Ella decides to offer her meal to a homeless man who was sitting outside the restaurant where she was eating with her dad.

Ella decides to offer her meal to a homeless man who was sitting outside the restaurant where she was eating with her dad.

On August 31, proud father Eddie Scott shared on Facebook a short video that showed the simple, but amazingly kind actions of his daughter Ella.

Ella was enjoying a meal with her father when she noticed a homeless man sitting outside the restaurant where the pair were eating. The man appeared dirty and disheveled but to Ella, all she could see was a man who appeared to be hungry.

What Ella’s father caught next on his cell phone, which has already been viewed more than 6.4 million times, was simply priceless. ·

About his daughter’s random act of kindness Ella’s father Eddie Scott wrote, “My baby girl Ella learned an important lesson today – Help those less fortunate than you!! So proud of my girl!”

Many who had already seen and shared the Facebook video felt equally proud and expressed their appreciation of the video from many viewpoints.

Some expressed what a wonderful girl Ella was, some admitted they were once homeless and something so kind, so simple, so innocent had the ability to bring a world of hope to a person who might be experiencing a world of hurt. Others were encouraged by Scott’s parenting, while others believed the video should go viral.

But with 6.4 million view, there can be little doubt the video has definitely gone viral.

Ella offers her meal to the unidentified homeless man.

Ella offers her meal to the unidentified homeless man.

Some who specifically wrote about Ella included Maria Ferrara DeMeola, who wrote “Beautiful inside and out… Amazing Eddie!” Linda Landsidle wrote, “Brilliant, Eddie. Lovely girl. Really made me smile to see such a kind heart.” Edgar Scott agreed what Ella had done was special, writing, “You are a great girl Ella. Bet that hungry man enjoyed your meal. Well done!”

Others who praised Eddie included Heath Wassem, who wrote “Great job raising an amazing daughter!!” James Czerwinski wrote, “That is like the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. There still is good in the world that is what life is all about. You are raising a fine young lady good 4 u ed Shes adorable.” 

Lance Caruana, who hoped Scott’s video was seen by as many people as possible, wrote, “So sweet and so great, man. Sharing this and hope it goes viral!”

Cherie Scarbrough who agreed with Scott’s parenting wrote, “I just have to tell you how beautiful your daughter is, and what a wonderful father You must be.”

I raise my son this way. I’m going to raise my stepson this way,” Scarbrough continued. “Imagine, if we all taught our kids to be kind to others, what a wonderful world this would be.”

Ella watches happily as the man, sitting a bit taller than he had been, enjoys the meal he was given.

Ella watches happily as the man, sitting a bit taller than he had been, enjoys the meal he was given.

Scarbrough finished by writing, “I’m actually really surprised this video hasn’t gone viral yet. Some news stations will pick it up because she is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Here at Riverside County News Source we completely agree and have reached out to Scott so we can find out more about Ella and her simple but beautiful random act of kindness.

In response to the overwhelming number of comments and shares, Scott responded by writing, “I am so humbled by so many of you that have liked and shared this video of Ella giving her dinner to this homeless man.”

“Truth be told I have taught Ella to do this since she was 3 years old when we lived in Brooklyn/Manhattan,” Scott continued. “I have had so many people help me in my life. It’s so important that I give that lesson to my daughter.”

“Thank you so much for your support,” Scott wrote. “It means the world to me!!”

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Eddie Scott, I have PM’d you or I can be reached via email.

Contact the writer: trevor.rcns@gmail.com

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  • What a beautiful heart your little girl has. Kudos to her and to you for raising such a beautiful girl. Inside and out.

  • Hi Ella, I think you are one amazing young lady. Not many adults would notice that homeless man sitting on that bench let alone give him their meal. I just wanted to tell you when I saw your video, and the pride in your big brown eyes, my eyes started to tear up! I was so proud of you and your amazing dad! God Bless you for making that homeless and down on his luck old man to get a good meal, from the sweetest little server in the world. Thank you Miss Ella ??

  • If only the entire ? were just like what that little girl did: it’d be perfect!!!

  • Ela you have changed many hearts by watching that vidio.Bless you ..And you made me cry happy tears..

  • I’m looking to be Homeless here pretty quick. Widow of a Vet and No one will rent to me here In Salem Ohio due to My 3 yr old GS being too big. He’s my Service dog. For ptsd. Don’t know what to do But to head back to Calif. Then I’m still going to be in My Car due to not having the $ to rent a place.

  • What a precious and sweet soul you have, Ella. This made my day watching this video and has restored my faith in humanity. I’m sure you made this gentleman’s day with a hot meal. Thank you.

  • Hello Ella I’m from Australia and I just seen your video you are an amazing girl ? to do that for someone it was just so beautiful to watch what you did I hope that others can do what you have just done. wishing you all the best Ella and all the love in the world??

  • What a sweet girl???? my heart just melted?

    But is easie to only see the good in this…
    I hope that someone has asked this man if its ok to load this video up, and put it on the Internet? Eventhough he is homeless, he still got rights about his privatlife?

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