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  • I cannot begin to say how disgusted I am from the police department for going to this measure of distroying the home of this family to get Alcide Galley out of his home! He was alone in his home wanting to kill himself,he was only a threat to himself.where are the cops that know this family personally ? They left this family with a house that is in ruins….NOBODY offered to help them ,they left them to fend for themselves,with a broken front door,15 windows broken,and a substantial amount of money missing from one of their children’s bedroom….You took his wife’s cell phone….which by law you cannot take someone phone without a warrant ,I’m sure she could have persuaded him to come out of the house.I feel that this was handled in the worse manner that I have EVER seen in my life ! Unexceptable! Approximately $100,000 dollars in damages to this family home ! I’m disgusted to say the least!

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