Explosive device detonated in Valle Vista

A robot from the Riverside Sheriff’s Hazardous Devices Team moves in to inspect what was later determined to be an explosive device from a residence on Germaine Lane in Valle Vista. HDT members later detonated the device. Public Safety incidents photo

VALLE VISTA – Riverside County Sheriff’s officials and members of the department’s Hazardous Devices Team were called once again to the 25200 block of Germaine Lane July 23, after receiving a report of a hazardous device at the location, a sheriff official confirmed. The street where the device was discovered is in the same general area as several other recent high-profile incidents.

Germaine Lane is located south of Olive and east of Chicago Avenues.

The home where the device was discovered was two houses away from several other recent high-profile incidents, including a raid by investigators of the Riverside Auto Theft Interdiction Detail (RAID) on May 14, and a raid by SERT, the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team on July 5. Those previous incidents resulted in arrests and stolen vehicles and recreational trailers being recovered from the residence.

Michael Ramirez, who resides on nearby West Posey Drive vented his frustration in an online posting about the numerous high-profile incidents occurring on the same street. “I just don’t understand,” Ramirez said. “It seems like there are huge raids or things going on at that damn place at least once a month now.”

“(It) seems like the (sheriff’s helicopter) spends at least several hours every month over that same street,” Ramirez continued. “It makes no sense.”

Deputies responded to the location at about 8 a.m. after receiving information of an explosive device at a residence, according to Vasquez. When they arrived, deputies located what they confirmed was an “explosive device that posed an immediate threat” to surrounding neighbors, Vasques stated.

At that time members of the department’s Hazardous Devices Team and investigators from the nearby Hemet/Valle Vista Sheriff’s Station responded to the location and assumed the investigation.

At about 1 p.m., Robert Carter, administrator of the Facebook group Public Safety Incidents, updated  – and Vasquez later confirmed – that members of the Hazardous Devices Team used a robot to render the explosive device safe, detonating the object.

Although he declined to elaborate on what the explosive device was, Vasquez said, “Members of our bomb squad deemed the device was hazardous in nature and presented a real danger to the public.”

“Due to the severity of this call, this is still an active and ongoing investigation,” Vasquez said.

Anyone with information about this investigation or other criminal activity in that area are encouraged to contact officials at the Hemet/Valle Vista Sheriff’s Station at (951) 791-3400. Callers can remain anonymous.


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