UPDATED: 70-year-old woman attacked at Hemet gas station

UPDATE: 07/21/2016 10:30 a.m. With suspect’s arrest and booking information

A jail records search showed the alleged suspect in the battery of a 70-year-old woman showed Brian Diego Guardado was booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center July on suspicion of seven felony charges; including causing harm to an elder, battery with serious injuries, four counts of resisting arrest with violence, and revocation of probation.

Guardado is scheduled to be seen at an unspecified court July 22.

The violent and unprovoked incident happened at the Super 8 gas station at 202 N. State Street in Hemet when Guardado – who was panhandling – asked the victim for money. When the victim declined to give him money, Guardado knocked her to the ground.

The exact details of how the victim was knocked or shoved to the ground were not made available. However, the victim sustained “substantial facial injuries” and was transported to an area hospital where she received “numerous stitches for lacerations about the forehead and side of the head,” Hemet Police Lieutenant Jeff Davis said shortly after the incident and Guardado’s arrest. “Theft does not appear to be the motive,” Davis explained after the incident.

Several witnesses told officers Guardado, who is homeless, had been aggressively panhandling for an extended amount of time at the gas station prior to the violent encounter.



HEMET – A 70-year-old female was purposefully knocked to the ground and sustained substantial facial injuries that required hospitalization as she walked to her vehicle Monday, July 18. The attack happened at the Super 8 gas station, at 202 N. State Street, in Hemet.

The alleged suspect, who officers later identified as Brian Guardado, 23, a transient resident of Hemet, was later arrested after he fled from officers on foot and then fought with several Hemet Police officers. One officer was injured while trying to subdue and arrest the hostile and highly combative man.

A jail record search revealed Guardado is a PRCS probationer and was released from Riverside County Jail July 12 after he was arrested by Hemet Police officers on Florida Avenue July 5. After his arrest July 5, Guardado was booked July 6 for a felony revocation hearing. He was released six days later, just six days before this violent incident.

The unprovoked encounter began at about 10:15 a.m. when Guardado – who was panhandling – asked the victim for money. When the victim declined to give him money, Guardado knocked her to the ground. Hemet Police officers responded to several 911 calls at the gas station regarding the battery.

The victim, who has not been identified, “was transported to an area hospital where she was treated and released after receiving numerous stitches for lacerations about the forehead and side of the head,” according to Hemet Police Lieutenant Jeff Davis. “Theft does not appear to be the motive.”

After knocking down and injuring the elderly victim, Guardado fled the area on foot.

The victim and witnesses at the gas station were able to provide a description of Guardado to investigating officers.

At about noon, an officer spotted Guardado walking in the area of Acacia and N. Hamilton Avenues.

The officer attempted to stop Guardado but he fled on foot. The officer chased him while calling for additional assistance. As Guardado fled, the officer deployed his Taser weapon. It was not immediately known if the taser deployment was successful. However, the officer caught the fleeing suspect, who immediately began resisting arrest and fighting with the officer.

Guardado continued fighting with the officer and additional arriving officers and violently resisted arrest. Officers were eventually able to subdue Guardado and take him into custody.

One officer was injured during Guardado’s arrest, according to Davis. The extent of the officer’s injuries were not immediately available.

After he was taken into custody, Guardado was positively identified as the suspect who assaulted the victim at the gas station.

Officers arrested Guardado and he was transported to Riverside County Regional Medical Center for injuries he sustained while fighting with the officers. According to Davis, Guardado is still awaiting medical clearance so he can be booked into the Riverside County Jail for numerous charges.


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