RAOK: Sometimes it is the smallest of gestures that can make the biggest differences

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So yesterday, as I always do according to my schedule, I headed to Circle K to get a pop and a snack and head home.

As I was walking up to the door this homeless man looked at me and asked if it would be possible to get him something to drink. He wouldn’t take change, he just wanted something to drink so bad. It was a very hot day and he looked so dehydrated.

So on my card I knew there was only enough for me to get my snack and my drink, but I said yeah that’s fine, I’ll be right out.

I grabbed my snack, my drink, his drink, and got him a snack as well. As I walked up to the counter and the guy scanning each item, I totally forgot there was only about $3 on my debit card.

So out of faith I just swiped my card for the total of about $4.30 and I was cringing and hoping.

It went through and it was just amazing.

I gave the man a snack and a pop and he had a great big smile on his face. He then asked, “Why did you do all this for me? I only wanted a drink.”

I told him that I know we all have our rainy days but with every rain, we will have things grow before us.

He pondered about that and said, “God bless, my friend.”

As I walked away, I don’t know which of us had a bigger smile.


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