Hemet Police Chief Brown discusses Dallas tragedy in his message of the week

CHIEF’S HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Bottom line, there are no highlights in a week that ends with the assassination of 5 police officers and the attempted murder of 6 others. I’ve received dozens of messages from family, friends and strangers encouraging me to be safe and assuring me that they are praying for my safety. As much as I appreciate those prayers and kind words, they are misguided…they should be directed to the unbelievably brave men and women who continue to come to work, day after day, night after night to patrol the increasingly violent streets of America. Their unselfish, heroic service to our communities is becoming more dangerous every day.

The Dallas police chief and I share the same name, but we also share a deep concern for our troops. We share a sense of responsibility for the safety of every officer and we share the worry and anxiety of their spouses, children and parents. But today, my brother in Dallas is experiencing a sense of grief, anger and pain that I cannot begin to imagine. He knew each of those brave officers personally, he pinned a badge to each of their chests in front of proud family members. He made sure they were trained well and properly equipped. And he told them to be safe and professional as they took the streets to protect the rights of the people of Dallas.

And yet, they were killed for one reason…they were police officers. Because they were wearing the badge Chief Brown had pinned to their chest – the day they took the oath to protect innocent people and uphold the Constitution.

Today Dallas Police Chief David Brown is in the midst of the hardest day of his life. He is trying to comfort the families of 5 dead police officers, and he is trying to encourage the remaining 3,469 Dallas PD officers – including 6 who were shot and survived – to stay strong and keep fighting for the good people of Dallas. And he is hurting deeply in his gut, for the future of our profession.

Please join me today in praying for Dallas Police Chief David Brown, the Dallas PD family and police officers in Hemet and across America for strength and resolve in the face of evil and increasing violence.

David M. Brown, Chief of Police

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