UPDATED: 5 officers dead, as many as 6 others shot during “peaceful protest” in Texas

UPDATE: 07/08/2016 1:57 a.m. Officials report suspect in negotiations with officers takes his own life by a self-inflicted gun wound.


UPDATE: 07/07/2016 12:50 p.m. Officials confirmed a fifth officer has died from wounds received during the shooting rampage. Four people have been detained who are believed to possibly be connected with the shooting. Police are also negotiating with a fifth suspect.


UPDATE: 07/07/2016  11:00 p.m. Officials have now confirmed that as many as four officers have been killed, three are in critical condition, two are in grave condition, and two are in surgery.



DALLAS, TX; Officials have confirmed that shots have been fired at police officers who were protecting crowds of mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters in Dallas, TX. The shots reportedly came “from an elevated position.”

As many as eleven officers were reportedly shot. Three officers have been confirmed as killed in the shooting. The others are all in “grave” to “critical” condition.

Two officers are undergoing surgery and are reportedly in extremely critical condition. Two others are reportedly in “grave” condition. The condition of the others is not yet known.

Witnesses at the scene described seeing at least two suspects who were seen wearing full tactical gear and helmets while shooting at officers with “high powered rifles” from a parking garage rooftop.

Some protesters were also reportedly shot or injured by the rooftop snipers.

One suspect is reportedly either in custody or has been killed by officers. A second possible shooter is currently being negotiated with by officials.


WARNING: Many disturbing images and videos below.




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