Detectives seeking help in locating missing 6-year-old


Gwen, pictured with her mother in an undated photo.

Gwen, pictured with her mother April Greenway in an undated photo.

Gwenivere “Gwen” Greenway-Horsman has been missing since June 5, 2015. Gwen’s father, identified as Jeremy Horsman took Gwen for summer break, saying he was taking her to Colorado Springs to visit with his family, in violation of a family law court order that stated Gwen could not be taken from her home state of Florida.

The last time her mother April Greenway – a Navy Boatswain – heard from Jeremy or Gwen was July 27. The two had been officially been missing since July 31, 2015.

Jeremy Horsman, was arrested last night, June 13, as he was attempting to re-enter the United States from Mexico. When he was arrested in Texas, he reportedly told investigators Gwen was with his family, pictured in the attached flier.

Horsman’s family reportedly claims they do not know anything about Gwen, her disappearance or her whereabouts and are not involved or assisting in the investigation. However, Gwen’s mother believes there is someone out there who knows something.

Colorado Springs Police officials are asking for assistance in locating any of the other pictured adults, so they can verify that Gwen is safe and not in danger.

Although Gwen was reportedly last seen in Colorado Springs with Horsman’s family, those pictured reportedly have ties in many states, including California, leading Greenway and her family to believe they could be anywhere.

Gwen’s mother April is asking for any assistance available in tracking down any of Jeremy’s family. Her family has set up a Facebook page seeking information about Jeremy’s family and their whereabouts. Her family has also set up a GoFundMe page to help with the cost of finding Gwen or Horsman’s family, who are believed to be hiding Gwen.

Anyone with information is encouraged to immediately contact Colorado Springs Police Detective Ken Larson at (719) 444-7968. Callers can remain anonymous.



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