HEMET: Unfounded report of dead body found near the Ramona Bowl brings deputies

Writer’s note: Although the title of this article now clearly states this was an UNFOUNDED REPORT, some very early versions of this article did not include the word “unfounded” in the title,Unfounded thereby causing some confusion among some who did not take the time to read the actual article. Although the report clearly and obviously stated this was an unfounded call and that it was only animal bones that were discovered, I apologize for any confusion my original title might have caused. -TM


HEMET – A citizen’s report of what they believed to be the remains of a human body discovered near the Ramona Bowl brought deputies and a sergeant from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Hemet/Valle Vista Station to investigate the find. Deputies quickly determined the remains were that of an unknown animal, not those of a human.

Riverside County emergency communications dispatchers received a 911 call at about 7 p.m., from an unidentified female who advised she had found what she believed to be human remains north of the Ramona Bowl near GirardStreet/Ramona Bowl Road and the intersection of Pachea Trail.

Sheriffs officials inspect what a 911 caller believed to be human remains. The remains turned out to be animal in nature. William Hayes photo

Sheriffs officials and an unidentified 911 caller inspect what the caller believed to be human remains. The remains turned out to not be from a human and were determined to be animal in nature. William Hayes / Epicenter News photo

The caller stated she hiked on trails in the area often and had never seen these specific bones or remains, which she believed were possibly a human spine and other bones.

Deputies and a sheriff’s Sergeant responded to the scene to inspect the find, at which time they determined the bones to be from an unknown type animal and were not human.

After conducting their investigation, a deputy at the scene confirmed the report of found human reamins was unfounded and that the bones in question were from an animal.


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