Pedestrian killed crossing street, Hemet Police officials say

HEMET – A 53-year-old woman was struck and killed while crossing Cawston Avenue, south of Stetson Avenue and north of Thornton Avenue, in Hemet, according to a Hemet Police official. The fatal collision occurred April 15, Hemet Police Lieutenant Eric Dickson wrote in a press release. The accident occurred in the 1200 block of south Cawston Avenue at about 8:20 p.m.

Officers and other emergency first responders rushed to the traffic collision after City of Hemet emergency communications dispatchers received several 911 calls about the vehicle versus pedestrian accident.

Officers, Hemet Fire personnel and AMR paramedics arrived within minutes and discovered a red, 1999 Toyota pick-up truck had collided with a pedestrian in the roadway. The pedestrian sustained major traumatic injuries in the accident.

“Paramedics from the Hemet Fire Department and American Medical Response tried desperately to revive the victim, however, their efforts were unsuccessful,” Conrad explained. The victim succumbed to her injuries and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

A preliminary investigation conducted by Hemet Police officers revealed a 32-year-old Hemet resident was driving his Toyota pick-up southbound on Cawston Avenue, south of Stetson Avenue, when the 53-year-old female pedestrian “attempted to cross Cawston Avenue from the west side of the street toward the east side of the street,” according to Conrad. The driver of the truck, who has not been identified, was not able to stop in time and he struck the victim with his truck.

The driver immediately stopped and remained on scene. He was reportedly cooperative with police, who do not believe alcohol or drug intoxication were contributing factors in this fatal accident.

Cawston Avenue between Stetson and Thornton Avenues were closed for about three and one half hours while investigators documented the collision scene and conducted an accident investigation.

The street was reopened shortly after 12:40 a.m.

Anyone who witnessed this incident is urged to contact the Hemet Police Department Traffic Bureau at (951) 765-2400.


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  • I feel very passionate for the families who have lost a loved one in an accident of any kind. But, it is a sore spot with me regarding pedestrian crossings in this Valley of ours. No one uses them! They cross anywhere they want. One day no more than 15 ft. from an intersection on Florida, Two people were stopping oncoming traffic so they could crosstown street, and cursing at anyone that honked or yelled at them. There are certain areas of Florida that night you have to watch out for “Jay walkers” because they are there all time. But then on the other side…I have seen people waiting in the crosswalk or even halfway in to it and watched other cars zoom right by. You could probably pave over all the cross walks in this town and no one would notice.

  • This is very unfortunate, and my heart goes out to the friends and relatives of this woman. The article does not mention whether this woman was actually crossing within a cross walk or not. Perhaps there was no crosswalk available at that intersection for her?

    It’s true that many people in the IE seem to feel that they are impervious to getting hit by a car, and cross the street against the red light and commit all sorts of infractions. However, it’s usually younger people that do this, so I would think that this 53 year old woman would know better. So sorry for her to pass this way.

  • loves hemet these tweaks must go

    More room in hemet

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