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12923103_1300192860007183_4224662172008051393_nHEMET – Two Hemet Police officers were recently caught on camera by citizens, who witnessed them helping two women during a recent downpour in Hemet.

Police officials did not become aware of the two separate and unrelated incidents, until they received photographs showing the officers coming to the rescue of the two. One had suffered a mechanical failure of her wheelchair in the pouring rain and the other, an elderly resident, had slipped and fallen in the rain.

The first wet rescue came after Officer Hiatt found a woman stranded in traffic in her wheelchair. Hiatt immediate came to the aid of the unidentified woman and helped push her and her malfunctioning wheelchair out of traffic and to safety.

12932759_1300192950007174_4518317132864266104_nLater, Officer Schroeder spotted an elderly resident who had fallen in the rain in a parking lot. Schroeder immediately stopped to assist the woman, who was reportedly not injured.

“Both of the women were OK and got a laugh out of the situations,” according to a Hemet Police official. “This of course is what we expect of our officers but it is nice to pat the guys and gals on the back now and then and see them in action.”

Nice job officers. Keep up the good work!





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