HEMET: 3 killed, 3 injured in early morning accident-Alcohol and speed believed to be factors, officials say

UPDATED: 04/04/2016 1:04 a.m.

The Coroner’s office has identified David Olivarez, 18, of Anza, as the third person killed in yesterday morning’s fatal traffic collision that occurred on Highway 74, also known as Florida Avenue, in East Hemet. The coroner listed his time of death as 1:43 a.m.

No further information has been released.


UPDATED: 04/03/2016 8 p.m.

The coroners office has identified two of the victims involved in this morning’s fatal traffic collision as Marcos Zafarino-Nabor, 25, and Isaiah Guerrero Jr., 26, both of Anza. The Coroner’s office listed their time of death as 1:43 a.m.

No further information has been released.



Miguel Shannon / Epicenter News

Miguel Shannon / Epicenter News

HEMET – Three people were killed and three others were seriously injured in a violent traffic collision early Sunday, April 3, according to California Highway Patrol officials. The accident occurred in an unincorporated area of eastern Hemet.

Alcohol and excessive speed are suspected to have been contributing factors in the fatal, head-on collision, that occurred on Florida Avenue, West of North Lake Street.

This latest accident was the fifth fatal traffic incident in the Hemet and San Jacinto valley in recent weeks. Including a fatal, vehicle versus pedestrian collision, the five different accidents resulted in eight fatalities. (Links to the other reports can be found at the end of this article.)

CHP officers, Hemet Police officers, Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies and other emergency first responders rushed to the scene of the accident at about 1:35 a.m., after multiple 911 callers reported the crash.

Upon arrival, officers and firefighters found a silver Ford sedan and a black GMC SUV in the roadway. Both vehicles reportedly sustained major damage.

Miguel Shannon / Epicenter News

Miguel Shannon / Epicenter News

Three of four people inside in the Ford were killed in the collision and were pronounced dead at the scene, according to officials.

The accident and damage to the car was so severe, firefighters had to cut the roof of the vehicle off, in order to free the injured person from inside the car and recover the bodies of the three who died in the collision.

Those killed in the accident have not been identified, pending notification of their families.

Paramedics transported a fourth person from inside the car and both occupants of the SUV to a local hospital. The condition of those who were injured has not been released or updated, however all three are expected to survive.

A preliminary investigation conducted by CHP officers indicated the Ford was being driven eastbound on Florida Avenue, “at a very high rate of speed,” when it suddenly swerved into the opposing, westbound lanes of Florida Avenue, near Merilyn Street. The car then smashed head-on into the SUV, which had been heading westbound. The SUV was believed to have been travelling about 40 mph at the time of the accident.

Officers investigating the tragic incident reportedly found empty alcohol containers inside the car that had been speeding and caused the collision. However, officials have not yet determined when the alcoholic beverages were consumed or who consumed them. Toxicology reports will be released after they are conducted by the Riverside County Coroner’s Office.


Miguel Shannon / Epicenter News

After this latest fatal accident, Miguel Shannon, of Epicenter News, who photographed yet another local tragedy said, “I feel saddened by all the recent fatalities that have occurred in our area recently. It is just senseless and tragic to have so many recent fatalities.” Shannon continued, “At Epicenter News, we try to inform the public about crime and accidents, so these tragic events do not occur.”

The crash caused CHP officers to close Florida Avenue in both directions while they investigated the accident. The road was closed for about seven hours.

As the investigation into this accident continues, anyone who witnessed this accident is encouraged to contact CHP officials from the San Gorgonio Station at (951) 769-2000. Callers can remain anonymous.

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  • I am a fam friend ..someone was following them that made them swurve..they had a altercation with someone at a bar who alowed teens to enter and drink alcohol..they should be acountable for that ,,and sued to the max..there partully responsible find what happend as a fam member these young men were very responsible…

    • First of all, what’s a “fam friend” …& how do you know any of this?
      No ones getting sued cause you can’t prove that a bar served minors, (article said there was alcoholic beverage bottles in the car!) … Plus, it’s shameful & stupid to point the finger elsewhere when he who has the keys is responsible for what he does (drunk or not) & for the lives of his passengers ! (Not to mention speeding) … Wake up lady!
      PS) “there partualy” – should be “they’re partially” – it’s 2016, why don’t you look into spell check!

  • R.I.P.

  • Why are you guys trying to point fingers at a time like this no matter whose fault it is it still happened and it won’t change the fact that three people are dead I feel bad for the families and friends may the victims rest in peace

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