RIVERSIDE: Student pilot crashes helicopter during training maneuvers

RIVERSIDE – A student pilot practicing landing maneuvers in a helicopter at the Riverside Municipal Airport suffered what fire officials termed a “hard landing”, earlier today, Mar. 17. The hard landing caused the helicopter to roll over onto it’s side. There were no reported injuries, according to a press release from the Riverside Fire Department.
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Fire personnel and other emergency first responders rushed to the report of a downed aircraft at the airport, located at 6951 Flight Road, in the city of Riverside, according to a press release from the fire department.
Upon arrival of the first emergency first responders, firefighters found a 1983 Robinson R22, two-passenger helicopter that had crash landed.
A preliminary investigation revealed the helicopter was being piloted by a student pilot who was practicing taking off and landing maneuvers on the airport’s North/South runway. According to the press release from the fire department, “as the student pilot was attempting to land the helicopter, it appears the landing was a hard landing.”
The “hard landing” caused the helicopter to flip over onto it’s side. “The pilot was not injured during this incident and was self-extricated from the aircraft,” according to fire officials.
The NTSB was notified and will be responding to the accident scene to conduct a full investigation.
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  • I keep telling ya, those things
    just don’t “stay up in the air”
    the way people think they should.
    It just aint natural I tell ya.
    Shouldn’t fly.
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