Known felon arrested for numerous charges after Hemet Police detectives recognize him

Hemet PD detectives arrested John Runnnels after recognizing him as a known felon.

Hemet PD detectives arrested John Runnnels after recognizing him as a known felon.

HEMET – Detectives from the Hemet Police Department’s Crime Suppression Unit arrested a known felon and probationer on Mar. 5. They arrested the man after they recognized him driving in the 800 block of North Lyon Avenue, according to a press release from Hemet Police officials.

Detectives first spotted the subject, identified as John Loyal Runnels, 54, of Hemet, driving a vehicle at about 4:30 a.m. They observed Runnels commit several traffic violations leading them to conduct a traffic enforcement stop.

Detectives contacted Runnels and other occupants inside the vehicle, who admitted they were in possession of illegal drug paraphernalia. Based on their admission, detectives detained the occupants and conducted a search of their vehicle. During their search, detectives located a loaded handgun and several hundred rounds of ammunition inside the vehicle.

Following their investigation, detectives arrested Runnels. He was booked at the Hemet Police Department for being a felon in possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition, possession of a concealed firearm, violation of probation and other charges. He was later transferred to the Southwest Detention Center.

“This is just another example of the importance of officers using the concepts of community oriented policing and knowing the people who live in their beats and the city,” Chief Dave Brown said, “which resulted in removing a serious criminal off the streets of Hemet.”

A jail records search on Mar. 6, the day after Runnel’s arrest, showed he had already been released from custody. Runnels is scheduled to be arraigned at the Southwest Justice Center on April 29.

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