Hemet Police Chief Brown sends out a “Call To Action” for all citizens

Trevor Montgomery

Aric Bell & James Anderson / Hemet Valley Incidents


HEMET – With the City of Hemet experiencing a 50% increase in violent crime since 2010, Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown is calling for all citizens to come out to the next city council meeting and have their thoughts, complaints and issues heard and addressed.

In an independent community survey last year, crime and safety were viewed as serious problems by citizens who live in the city. The priority of the survey was to obtain feedback about public safety in Hemet and what residents feel the biggest public safety priorities are. Over 1,000 residents have provided feedback so far, according to city officials. 81% of respondents described crime as being a serious problem in Hemet.

According to a recent press release from the City of Hemet, those respondents who felt crime was a growing problem in the city of Hemet are correct.

Crime and fire statistics recently revealed the following:

  • Violent crime is up 50% since 2010.
  • There are 25% fewer police officers on the street today than there were in 2006.
  • Last year, Hemet Fire Department responded to 16,171 calls for service.
  • Gang members and drug dealers continue to enter Hemet from Los Angeles and other communities to commit crime.
  • The number of parolees and sex offenders being released into Hemet is increasing.

That same survey showed that Hemet residents felt the most important immediate public service priorities included:

  • Increasing the number of sworn police officers
  • Maintaining 911 paramedic and emergency response services
  • Tracking sex offenders and parolees
  • Maintaining and enhancing police anti-gang and anti-drug units
  • Maintaining and improving police and firefighting equipment

In order to come up with ideas how to resolve these problems, the Hemet City Council will hold a public hearing this Tuesday, Feb. 23, at 6 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Hemet Public Library.

“It is time to act,” says Chief Brown

Speaking about his commitment to bring about positive changes for the City of Hemet Brown said, “Our community must come together like never before if we are to stand a chance of winning this war for Hemet. If you have asked the question – or are asking yourself now – the answer is simple: It’s time to act.”

“Violent crime in Hemet is up over 50% since 2010. That’s outrageous and unacceptable. I have a reputation for being positive, optimistic and hopeful. That hasn’t changed,” Brown said. “But I also pride myself in being honest, and the honest truth today is that we are at a crossroads. Literally.”

Brown continued, “Criminals and gangs have tried to claim our town as their own. Many of you reading this message have been personally affected by crime and violence. It absolutely must stop – now – if we are to be successful in reclaiming our beautiful city.”

“During the course of my 5+ years as your police chief, the most common and frustrating question I get from well-meaning community members is, “What can we do to help?” It’s common because this community is full of people who care and who sincerely want to help solve the enormous crime and safety issues we face,” Brown said.

Brown spoke about the increasing problem, explaining, “Much of the work to be done requires the training and expertise of professional police officers. We’ve got great police officers at Hemet PD and they’re working their butts off to get a handle on it.”

“It’s no secret, Hemet has a serious crime and public safety issues.”

In a press release from the City of Hemet, officials admitted, “It’s no secret, Hemet has serious crime and public safety issues.”

One Hemet resident, Wigsby Mendoza recently spoke about the increase in crime and other problems the City of Hemet is experiencing, “The police cannot do it alone, but we need more involvement by the community. We can’t solve our problems by merely getting angry or posting negative comments about our valley online, or even cyber fighting. It’s catching up fast.”

On the City of Hemet’s website, Hemet Police chief Dave Brown and Hemet Fire Chief Scott Brown said, “The bottom line is crime is a big problem and our community clearly understands it; and wants something done to fix it.

“It’s not just crime though. Public safety also requires quick 911 emergency and medical response by our firefighters and paramedics,” Hemet Fire Chief Brown said. “Paramedics are needed at every one of our fire stations to ensure rapid response by our city’s Paramedics, Firefighters and emergency medical workers who are the first to respond to fires and medical emergencies. This is critical to saving lives.”

“As Hemet’s public safety chiefs, we work hard to address our community’s safety issues, such as crime prevention and investigation, anti-gang and drug programs, fire protection, or 911 emergencies and medical response,” the press release stated. “We are extremely concerned about having the necessary number of sworn police officers patrolling city streets and firefighter/paramedics on duty to keep our city’s residents safe.”

“The fact is, we’re not getting a handle on it.”

Police Chief Brown continued, “The fact is, we’re not getting a handle on it. In spite of being one of the highest rated police departments in the county, the loss of 30% of our police force has put us at a distinct disadvantage as we deal with thousands of criminals being released from state prison and county jail”.

“Hemet Fire Chief Scott Brown and I will present an aggressive plan to take our city back and improve your safety, security and quality of life,” Police Chief Brown said about the upcoming meeting.

“Please come and hear the plan. Voice your concerns to your city council. Your presence will make a difference. This may be the most important meeting in the city’s history. If you want to help, the time is now,”

“This is a chance for our voices to be heard.”

Aric Bell and James Anderson, of Hemet Valley Incidents, spoke about the importance of attending the next city counsel meeting. “It’s time to voice some concerns this Tuesday at the Hemet public library. We will be attending and recording the session, but this is a chance for our voices to be heard,” Anderson said.

“Anyone who can not make it and has a concern you would like addressed, feel free to comment and share you thoughts and feelings so we can share that information with police and fire officials,” Anderson said.

Anderson continued, “It is very important that we are heard as a strong and united community to show our interest in saving our town, lowering crime rate and supporting our law enforcement that do such a great job with such little help. Let’s take our town back.”

Echoing Anderson’s thoughts about the dramatic rise in violent crime over the last few years, Bell said, “My thing is the city council can once and for all clear up some long standing issues regarding crime and criminals in our city.”

“We need to hear from you”

“The simple truth is we need to deal with public safety immediately,” the city’s web site explained. “Criminals from outside the city will not stop coming into our community to commit crimes and 911 emergency and medical response times must remain fast to save lives.”

“We need to continue to hear from you,” according to city officials. “The Hemet City Council will be holding an important discussion about Hemet’s public safety priorities, problems and challenges, and potential plans to address them, as recommended by ourselves as Hemet’s Police and Fire Chiefs, and the Ad Hoc Revenue Committee at the February 23rd City Council Meeting at 6 p.m. at the Hemet Library, located at 300 E. Latham Ave., Hemet. The meeting is open to the public.”

With the rise in violent crime rates and public safety being such serious issues in City if Hemet, there is no question that the community needs to be more involved. Any and all residents concerned about crime and public safety in Hemet are encouraged to attend.


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  • ” I Have lived here in the City of Hemet for almost 20 years now. I have served as a Reserve Police Officer for two different Departments years ago. Inglewood Police… and then Perris Police… Which is right afte i was married in 1968. My deepest concerns are for this community, and its citizens. Unforuntly, now i am unable to even try and perform any physical type of police activity, due to Rhumatoried Arthritis in both my legs, and my right hand..My question is… Surely, there must me something, which i can do to help with this rising problem of crime . I have been following the problems, on my police scanner, along with Aric Bells info on facebook. i have also been very watchful to report any crime or suspicious activities in my general area where i live at. My address is 875.S.Buena Vists St. here in Hemet. I Wish there was more that myself, and other citizens with disabilities could do to help combat this serious problem. I am not even able to make this important meeting, as i can not walk..

  • People sleeping on the streets! People urinateing against the side of buildings in open public view! Where do they go after arrest? Mental health? Just drive down Florida avenue at 2:00 am and see what is happening on the streets! Young and old! I watch a preteen standing on a busy street corner smoking dope! Afraid to go to donut shop on Lyon and Florida! Pan handling everywhere! Homeless man with two full grocery carts that he has stolen! Hanging around regularly in front of home depot! He has a following! Prostitues that go to beauty shop across from burger king! I have been approached by these prostitutes while eating hamburger in burger king! Then that walk across street and meet there friends at beauty shop! Exchange grubs in front of Sam’s donuts on Florida! Passing drugs and money over the wall into parking lot in front of Sam’s!

  • We keep bringing criminal elements here from inner city! Only going to get worse!

  • My friend had her purse snatched. Over $3,000 in that purse and they wouldnt take prints off the door. She even offered to pay for the procedure. Nope. It’s laziness. 100% laziness. Your officers aren’t out here to be cops. They are out here to get paid. Stop messing with people who really don’t do anything and start collecting real criminals. Forgetting to get new tags doesn’t make you a criminal. Not a worthy one anyway when there are people shooting heroin in the bushes in front of the donut shop.

    • A concerned citizen

      Oh no-you have it all wrong-getting you cited for tags will increase income, and that’s what’s important. Much more of a priority than messing with possibly dangerous real criminals that probably won’t pay any fines.

  • Mitchell villarreal

    I’ve lived in hemet for 20 years and the town is not what it used to be the crime rate has tripled the number of homeless people and drug users on the street is outrageous in the number of gang members has probably tripled as well I don’t believe that we should allow where parolees and sex offenders in town thank God we have an awesome ploice force that gets the job done

  • Mitchell villarreal

    I’ve lived in hemet for 20 years and the town is not what it used to be the crime rate has tripled the number of homeless people and drug users on the street is outrageous and the number of gang members has probably tripled as well I don’t believe that we should allow any more parolees and sex offenders in town. thank God we have an awesome ploice force that gets the job done

  • First of all God Bless our Police! I have lived here for 21 years ..came from Riverside to raise my son because it was so quaint, quiet, safe, small, ..etc..etc.
    I have many friends who were born and raised here as well. We are so sad, angry and fed up with the criminals taking over. I actually live in San Jacinto but moved from Hemet which is a hop, skip and a jump away…as we all know. It’s a problem here and Hemet but as far as I’m concerned it’s one place.
    I know what is going on but my question is why would and how could this even have happened? Was it unstoppable? If so, why would anyone in their right mind EVER allow this? It is not rocket science ..we are a small community far off from other towns and freeways..what else are CRIMINALS, Drug addicts, prostitutes going to do here but commit crimes?? It’s scary to drive down Florida…neighborhoods and apartment complexes are flooded with low lives loitering at all hours of the day and night. We don’t shop here except for groceries..we don’t go anywhere at night anymore…my home has a security system, security doors, and now security cameras! I am terrified ..my kids are too..they can’t walk home from school ..I have to pay for someone to pick them up!! I feel like I’m surrounded by Zombies…that’s what they remind me of unfortunately. I am also sick of being asked for money EVERY single time we do go out. They come out of nowhere and scare me to death. I feel horrible for homeless ..I grew up having sentiment for them ..most were Veterans and/or mentally ill. Not anymore…they are all Drug users!! We bought our home in 2003 and we can’t sell it for what we owe the bank. I really feel that Hemet/San Jacinto should buy me out so we can move to a safer area! I am severely depressed over this issue. I am at the point where I think I may need to see a therapist and an attorney. I know our police department is working their tails off day and night…they are doing an awesome job…but the problem is bigger than us. Why can’t we round them all up and drop them off on a deserted island?? Let them do what they want there..Good luck. God Bless us all ..

  • I wish I could be at this meeting but my work hours prohibit me from attending. I have lived in this Valley my whole with the exception of my military career. I have seen this town grow exponentially in business and familes but at the same time in crime. I back law enforcement 150% but at the same time am scared to use my weapons in my own home for fear of prosecution for simply protecting my family. If the PD needs help in protecting this Valley, then the law obiding citizens need to assured that they will not be on the wrong side of the law when protecting themselves or others on the right way. I also believe we should have the right to CCW. The current process eliminates too many individuals from this 2nd amendment right. I understand you don’t want a thousand people running around with guns but if you do your due diligence in the background checks and ensure the individual has gone through the proper training then what’s the issue. That is an extra thousand people ready to help your PD that is understaffed.

  • In Beaumont they have an active and visible citizen patrol contingency. Do they have that here in Hemet?

  • I don’t think the politicians who send these criminals to Hemet, will ever send them to their neighborhoods. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Why Hemet or any other places criminals are sent? My best guess is economic discrimination. Let’s pray these criminals somehow change their ways or not be released, and the mentally are taken care of. Also, let’s do what we can compassionately, like support organizations, including law enforcement and ministries who work with these people as well as vote for candidates at all levels who want to address this issue.

  • They need to kick them all out! Lot Angeles county dumped them in Hemet because they didn’t want them there. It is a major problem.

  • I’m tired of this massive homeless issue going on. I see people day in day out pushing shopping carts at all hours. I know it’s unlawful but never seen a LEO stop anyone. Carts abandoned all over the place. Fine the stores and maybe that will end it. I’m also very concerned by the speeding around town. On my street they take off from the stop and hual ass down the street toward the elementary school. How about writing some tickets and use the money from fines to pay for more police and equipment.

  • I have lived in Hemet for almost 30 years. I have seen this valley get worse and worse. The blame is on the city leaders as well as the San Jacinto city leaders for allowing the enormous amount of low income housing, section 8, slumlords, etc. This town meeting will serve nothing. We have been going to meetings for years now. Complaints will fall on def ears. Besides that, what can be done when you are working against state legislature like AB109? Way to go voters! Furthermore, our valley is flanked by a couple of correctional facilities. Once these criminals are released they immediately come to the valley. We could have changed things a few years back when we were still treading water, but now it’s too late.

  • I was a resident in Hemet all my life i have seeing alot of changes and the worst of it is the gang and the drugs my parent to Hemet in 1958 been here since my mother died in Hemet. and my bother also was killed in a car accident over 30 years ago.well i have done time in prison but i still back up the police we need to get our street back i have seeing good and bad in my town where i grow upi have left the state move to another state what the police need to do is go back to old school take the criminals to the Orange grove and beat the hell out of them or just shoot them but really send them back to prison because they will never change there life around and we all need to get together as in one citizen and help each other i also seeing good police and bad where they think they are above the law but you still got to respect them i also was homeless but i do not like the way my town is getting i have my kids and granddaughter in hemet so i would like my town to be safe for all resident because people think i have done time i should hate the police No the did there job i did something wrong i paid my dues the police is her to protect us and they are under pay but we need to solve this gang problem before it gets out of hand i live in a town where it remind me of hemet back in the 70s when i was growing up i do remember when we can sleep with our doors open and are street was safe know it is hell i am divorce and i am afraid to come back to visit my family and we need more police officer i even my ex wife tells me how bad hemet is getting i hope and pray one day all this will end and we can be safe again and the seniors can start talking there walks again this use to be a retires town not anymore that end in the 80s

  • I moved here in 1997 to raise my 18 month old daughter, and a boy on the way. The first 8 or so years, when people asked where I lived, their response was, “Oh, Hemet, that’s such a nice little town.” or something nice to that nature. Now it’s, “Oh Hemet……no comment”
    I am proud to say both my kids have grown here and we have enjoyed our little part of Hemet. But now, it’s gotton crazy. Why infact, I have a convicted FELON living next to me. Something in this town NEEDS to change. We need MORE police and better community response and support. What’s the bottom line……money.
    Here’s a suggestion. Riverside County Sherriff collect’s the fee’s for CCW’s, why can’t the City of Hemet collect those fee’s if you LIVE in Hemet. Here’s how I think the City could MAKE money and be able to state, “Hemet, a SAFER City”

    1-You have to be at the minimum, a 10 year resident of the City.
    2-Pay a $500.00 processing/training fee. That fee pays for your “Life Scan” interview and all the paper work. After they clear you, you attend a 2 day class IN the City of Hemet. 1st day class room , “Gun Safety” and rules to abide by, etc. 2nd day, range qualifing day at the police range. The $500.00 should help keep out the one’s who shouldn’t be there to begin with.
    EACH weekend class, 10 people minimum. Hire a Hemet City Retired officer or use a “Active” Officer that get’s paid by some of the fee’s.
    3-Every year, a $200.00 renewal fee.

    Now let’s do the math. Say they are able to process/train 10 people a weekend at $500.00 each, that is: $5000.00. Each weekend (4) a month equals $20,000.00 a MONTH. Now times that if they are able to keep the class full each weekend, $240,000.00 a year. PLUS, the following year, renewal fee’s, if everyone renews, another $96,000.00. That’s $336,000.00 the following years if classes keep full.

    A drop in the bucket, but every penny to help save our City, is another positive.
    There are “many” way’s this idea could be “tweaked”, but the out come is, More income for the City, and they process law abiding citizen’s to be able to carry a concealed weapon. Making Hemet I think, a “Safer” City! Think about it, a criminal goes into a local restaurant and see’s it’s full of patron’s. Then he think’s, “Hemet issue’s gun permit’s, who in here might have a gun?” He think’s twice and leaves. Now this would be the PERFECT scenario and would hope it play’s out this way. But only time would tell.

    At this point, the City NEED’S to make money, let’s keep Hemet money IN Hemet!

  • My mother has luved in this town over twenty years. She was robbed in the middle of the day..she left her house for less than two hours. She lives in what is claimed to be a senior park. There is constant signs of drug abuse close by, calls made to police, yet nothing changes. Minimal effort was put into the robbery, neighborhood is not safe anymore, windows are barred and she is afraid to go outside.
    Take the City back, arrest the violators or stop the agreement to accept LA’s law offenders.
    Quit the talk, action is what the City needs.

  • Why are we allowing these undesirable people to be bused in from LA and other areas? I am told that the city gets paid to accept them? I would like to think that city leaders are not dumb enough (or greedy enough) to allow this to happen?

    • Are you sure nobody would consider you “undesirable” or that you can avoid being seen in the said negative light? It appears you think the negative light that shines on L.A. basin does not reach into this valley. You have my pity!

  • I like living here and I want to stay here. How about we all take that small step and greet our neighbors even if it’s just a hi (name) and bye (name). I have a couple of neighbors I would rather not speak to but I think if I want my block to stay safe and to know what goes on in my neighborhood then I should be on a name to name basis with the person living across the street even if their shenanigans bother me. I figure if I know 20 neighbors to the left and 20 to the right then all 41 of us will feel safe and all 41 of us will know who is up to what in our neighborhood. It looks stupid and redundant but I believe this small step can help for now.

  • ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • apologize …. I planned on attending the city council meeting, but I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving my house, due to the recent crimes at my home and by my home and that my belongings were taken. I have no cell phone in case something happens to me while I’m away and no scanner as I heard star 9 several times up above my neighborhood…if it wernt for my babies I’d have no fear, but it’s my young I have a hard time leaving during this elevated time.

  • Yesterday I (like many others) I was under the impression that other areas were busing in undesirable people and that Hemet was getting paid to accept them. Well, I went to the city council meeting last night (over 4 hours long). Bottom line, that is not true. There are several reasons that our crime rate is up. Our local prisons are over crowded and prisoners are being given early release. Many come to Hemet because of lower housing costs. The lower housing costs leads to more section 8 housing. When they get here the word gets out that our under maned police department can’t handle the increase in crime. The crooks and drug dealers aren’t getting harassed like they do in the big city. The plan is to have a 1% increase in sales tax (this would be on the ballet for the voters to decide) and the increase would be earmarked for police and fire. The present budget for police and fire would not drop. This 1% would be added to the present police and fire budget. I am convinced that this is a good plan.

  • An increase in officers will help with Hemet’s crime problems. But if there is no coordination with RivCo Sherrifs in San Jacinto and Southeast Hemet, the criminals in those areas won’t be affected. We need to have a Valley Wide approach to crime fighting.

  • With the increase in homes and businesses, there should have been enough tax money put toward keeping the growing community safe! Where is all the tax money going? Certainly not to keep Hemet safe and prosperous.

  • Easy solution: 1. Put thru a curfew let’s say 11:00 PM
    2. Bring in the National Guard/ State Military
    3. Done

    • If you do that. Please don’t be surprised if you suffer when people such as myself try to defend ourselves.

  • Why would the gangs and prostitutes be so active if there was a heavy police presence!?

  • Lostfaithinlawinforcement..

    The police here in this town are part of the problem …Ive lived here since 1996 moving here from woodcrest in riverside ca…
    This town was good then it had its bad parts but not as scary as it is now..
    I say the police are part of thr problem because my son & his father were attacked by a group of thugs in there ftont yard my son suffered a traumatic brain injury & there dad a broken neck…the police were called to the fathers home..it was written up in the local news paper as block party gets out of control minor to moderate injuries! One of the kids who attacked them was a minor he recieved two weeks in jail..thats it why my son was in a coma! They continue to harass the family..
    My problem with the police as they did not see the difference in a home owner who son works and has never been in trouble with the law & a group of kids whos uncle was living in a foreclosed home who ..meaning they broke into a home and lived in it free…uncle later arrested for parole violation..nothing was done to these kids! No justice!

  • If you can afford it get out of town the police are losing the battle, in fact they probably commute here and can care less. This town is lost

  • Was thinking about moving to Hemet but I’ll take my chances in Temecula or Ontario, despite the growing presence of outlaw biker clubs. I mean at least they actually TRY to keep a low profile instead of shooting at anyone who’s white, black or wearing a blue t-shirt because it happens to be Tuesday. I’m only 22 and thought I’d never have to say this in my entire life. Imagine, picking one area with a gang problem over another. What a time to be alive -__-

    • I left for yucaipa/cailmesa 2 years ago afte liveing in hemet since 93 not he same town i grew up in after have truck broken into twice and a vintage vw bus stolen i was done! I moved my sister and mom back to chesapeke va there safe white flight i guess at one time compton was a beautiful place to live also . now there nowere for the less forturate to live cant move o idillwild unless youve got real cash or. Credit hemets the last stop east from la like one big toliet give it a flush ..

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