12 recent arrests by Riverside Police

Rommy Zwingel

Rommy Zwingel

Residential burglary and possession of stolen vehicle

On Feb. 9, officers responded to the 3900 Block of Polk Street after receiving a 911 call about a residential burglary in-progress. A homeowner called 911 after they found an unknown female inside the kitchen of their residence. The suspect was alegedly gathering food and other items and putting them into a bag. The homeowner reportedly chased the female out of the residence where she was captured by officers and detained. Officers identified the suspect as Rommy Zwingel, 36, of Victorville.

During their investigation, officers determined Zwingel had taken several other items from the residence, which were recovered and returned to the homeowner. Additionally, it was determined that Zwingel had arrived at the residence in a stolen vehicle. Zwingel was arrested and booked into jail.


Pricila DeLeon

Pricila DeLeon

Traffic stop leads to arrest for identity theft, narcotics and warrants

Patrol officers made a traffic stop on Van Buren Boulevard at Porter Avenue on Feb. 8, shortly after 10 p.m. The driver was found to be on probation and in possession of other people’s identifying information and methamphetamine. She also had three felony warrants for identity theft related offenses.

Officers arrested Pricila DeLeon, 28, of Riverside, and booked her into jail for possession of stolen property, identity theft, possession of narcotics, her multiple warrants and probation violation.


Miguel Corona-Nunez

Miguel Corona-Nunez

Attempted robbery

Officers responded to a fast-food restaurant located in the 5400 Block of Arlington Avenue regarding a robbery in-progress on Feb. 8. Upon arrival, the officers located a man who matched the suspect’s description walking away from the business. Officers detained the man for further investigation.

The officers’ investigation revealed the suspect, identified as Miguel Corona-Nunez, 34, of Riverside, entered the restaurant and stated he was robbing the business. He instructed the cashier to give him all the money or he would kill all the employees. The manager immediately called the police causing the suspect to flee from the location on foot.

Officers found a second subject, who reportedly arrived at the restaurant with the suspect, hiding in the bathroom. Based on their investigation officers released the second person. Corona-Nunez was arrested and booked into jail.



Possession of stolen vehicle

On Feb. 7, officers responded to a restaurant located in the 6100 Block of Van Buren Boulevard after an auto-theft victim spotted a man driving her previously reported stolen vehicle.

The suspect was ordering a pizza at the business when he overheard the victim calling the police to report the man she had seen driving her car. The suspect quickly fled the location in the stolen car. Officers checked the area but did not find the vehicle. During their investigation, officers obtained surveillance video footage from the business that showed the driver.

Later in the shift, officers spotted the stolen vehicle in a parking lot in the area of Arlington and Rutland Avenues. Based on the previously viewed surveillance video, officers located the suspect nearby. The victim identified the suspect as the person she saw in her vehicle earlier in the day. Officers identified the man as 42-year-old Robert Reyes. He was arrested and booked into jail fo possession of a stolen vehicle.


German Cabanillas

German Cabanillas

Possession of a stolen vehicle

A Riverside Police officer was in the area of Bonita Avenue and Tyler Street Feb. 6, when he spotted a Honda without any license plates. The officer saw the vehicle was occupied by two adult males. When the driver saw the officer he sped away on Bonita Avenue.

The officer caught up to the car as the passenger fled into a yard towards Hole Avenue. During an area check, the officer located both the male he saw driving and the passenger he saw fleeing the parked car.

The officer detained both subjects. A records check showed the vehicle was stolen out of Riverside. Both subjects denied ever having been inside the stolen vehicle. During his investigation, the officer located evidence inside the car that linked the driver to the car.

Officers interviewed the passenger and he was released. The car was later returned to the owner.

The suspect, who officers identified as German Cabanillas, 24, of Riverside, has a history of burglary, auto theft and mail theft. He was arrested and booked into jail.


Misty Jack

Misty Jack

Felony arrest warrant / Possession of stolen credit cards

On Feb. 6, officers conducted an occupied vehicle check in the area of the 11000 Block of Magnolia Avenue. Officers contacted a male and female who had been sitting inside the parked car.

Officers conducted a records check that showed a male had a non-extraditable warrant out of Washington. The female, identified as Misty Jack, 29, of Riverside, had a felony warrant out of Riverside for identity theft. During their investigation, officers found that Jack was in possession of several credit cards that did not belong to her. Officers arrested Jack and she was booked into jail.


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Possession of stolen property

Feb. 2, officers were in the area of Van Buren Boulevard and Morris Street regarding recent burglaries and auto thefts.

The officers conducted a stop on a vehicle driving slowly through the parking lot of a business complex. During their investigation officers determined the car was an unreported stolen vehicle out of the City of Fontana.

Officers identified the driver and passenger as Luis Bustos, 37, of Fontana, and Jonathan Martinez, 20, of Fontana, who were found to be in possession of burglary tools and methamphetamine. Bustos and Martinez were both arrested and booked into jail.



Female arrested for several felonies after attacking officers

Officers contacted a transient female on Feb. 2, at about 1:30 p.m., in the area of Elizabeth Street and Magnolia Avenue. The subject was sitting in a recliner blocking an alleyway. When officers attempted to check on the woman’s welfare she became uncooperative and threatened to kill the officers. She then started throwing objects at nearby witnesses. The female then exposed her genitals to the officers.

Based on her erratic behavior, officers attempted to take the female into protective custody but she would not cooperate. During the incident, the woman, who was not identified, scratched and kicked the officers, causing one of the officers sustain a minor injury. She also claimed she had an infectious disease and made repeated attempts to bite both officers while expressing her desire to kill them.

The officers were eventually able to take the woman into custody. She was taken to a local hospital for medical clearance and later booked into jail for several charges, including assault with a deadly weapon against a peace officer, indecent exposure, criminal threats, and resisting arrest with violence.

Kristi Mitchell

Kristi Mitchell

Parolee arrested for attempted residential burglary

Officers responded to the 4600 Block of Glenwood Drive On Feb. 2, about an attempted burglary. The victim stated the suspect opened a sliding glass door to his residence, which set off the house alarm. During their investigation, officers viewed home-surveillance video that showed the suspect attempting to open car doors and a mailbox belonging to the victim.

Officers located and detained the suspect, identified as Kristi Mitchell, 35, of Palm Springs, near Bonaminio Park at the 5000 Block of Tequesquite Avenue. A records check revealed the suspect was on parole for burglary. Officers arrested Mitchell and she was booked into jail.


Christopher Lewis

Christopher Lewis

Arrest for multiple felony and misdemeanor warrants

On Feb. 1, an officer conducting crime suppression efforts in the area of Arlington Park, located in the 3800 Block of Van Boulevard, contacted a man known to be on probation. The man, who officers identified as Christopher Lewis 28, of Riverside was arrested for auto theft two weeks ago, according to police officials. The officer conducted a records check that revealed Lewis had two felony and three misdemeanor warrants. Lewis was arrested for his warrants and booked into jail.


Possession of burglary tools related to mail theft

Officers conducting extra patrol in the 6800 block of Arlington Avenue regarding narcotics activity and identity theft on Feb. 1, contacted a subject at the Airport Inn who was known by officers to be involved in that type of activity. The officers discovered the subject was in possession of a drug pipe and a forged community mailbox key, which are commonly used by criminals to break into mailboxes and steal mail.

Based on their investigation, officers arrested the suspect and he was booked into jail for possession of burglary tools and drug paraphernalia.


 *All alleged suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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