Retired Hemet Police officer arrested for embezzlement from local synagogue

Trevor Montgomery


HEMET – A retired Hemet Police officer, identified by sheriff’s officials as Gerald Max Beamesderfer Jr, 64, of Hemet, has been arrested for embezzlement after an exhaustive and thorough investigation that lasted more than a year, according to sheriff’s officials. Investigators from Riverside County Sheriff’s San Jacinto Station arrested Beamesderfer on Feb. 9 for his alleged involvement in the embezzlement.

In a press release from Riverside Sheriff’s Department, Sgt. Robert Duckett explained the investigation began on Dec. 13, 2013, when the department received information from a local synagogue about suspected embezzlement by one of their members.

Synagogue Elders reported they had discovered over $250,000 was missing and unaccounted for from their accounts. Elders believed Beamesderfer, a member of the synagogue, was responsible for the missing funds.

During their investigation, sheriff’s officials determined Beamesderfer was the synagogue’s sole financial officer and he had complete and sole access to the synagogue’s bank accounts and financial records.

Sheriff’s investigators obtained several search warrants for bank and synagogue records as well as other information related to the suspected embezzlement.

During their investigation, investigators from San Jacinto PD and the Hemet-Valle Vista Sheriff’s Station served search warrants in the 1200 block of Bishop Drive and in the 300 block of Lyon Avenue in Hemet.

While serving their search warrants, investigators determined there was approximately $133,000 that could not be fully accounted for. Investigators also recovered construction equipment and other property related to the embezzlement investigation.

Based on their investigation, sheriff’s officials arrested Beamesderfer for embezzlement in excess of $100,000. A jail records search indicated investigators arrested him at the Hemet Sheriff’s Station on Feb. 9, at about 8:00 p.m.

Beamesderfer was booked into the Southwest Detention Center for a single count of embezzlement, a felony. His bail was set at $133,000, the amount investigators were unable to account for during their investigation, however records also showed he was released from jail the following day, on Feb. 10. His arraignment is scheduled for Apr. 4, at 7:30 a.m.

Duckett explained the department’s investigation is still ongoing and he encouraged anyone with information related to the alleged incidents to call Investigator Grassell at (951) 791-3400.


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  • This is a sad day. For them. That he was in in law enforcement. , As well as the church. If he was that desperate, why couldn’t he ask for a loan???
    Now he’s a criminal!!!! He won’t do good, being around inmates. That he might of arrest, in the past. Now he will lose … The Stupid all ways get caught.

  • Brothers and sister’s please pray dont say any negative. We all have sins and some of us are still in sin.

    My prayer that all of us will be silent and pray, for repentance and restoration, for the glory of our Father in heaven.

    I love my brother very much, and as you should too!

    Also need to pray for Max’s family for Shalom. As all us l, we need to pray for everyone whom or will be hurt from all this chaos.

    Shalom Alechem

    • These are all lies!!!!! How could they do this?? They made this all up and I pray God deal with all who had something to do with this evil fabrication!! Lies from the pit of hell!!!

    • Max, would never do such a thing! He is a kind, very giving man , who held Shalom Aleichem together when it failed. Most of the decor in that place including the hotel was paid for by just a handful of us. Plus we did all the work and rented the place. There is evil in that place and it is coming from another source. They have hurt, lied, and slanderer enough people with there evil tongue. I know enough people who may if moved to another state who can testify on behalf of Max. He is not a thief. He may of been to generous to those thieves who have stolen all they have and iusted eachbifvus out byvtgere lies. I am ready to givecsworn statement, enough is enough.

      • I also meant to say he held Shalom Aleichem together till it was changed to Simchat Yeshua. Allot if times Nax paid for things out of his own wallet

      • Sorry for the typo in my text as my spell check changed Kotel to motel that is not correct. I designed the wall and have the original watercolor design. Max, Rod, Anna C., and myself funded most that us in that place. I have remnant piecesbof material from those drapes I made that Anna paid a little less then two-thousand for the material. Seriously, I witnessed an evil stealing the place right out from under us Just horrible! The beamah seat and Torah cabinet set five years in Max garage before we found a place of our own, then I got Raymond to redo the cabinets, plus cthe Torah scroll belongs to Harold. What a bunch of liars those people are, they ought to be ashamed.

  • This is all lies!!!! woe to those that did this God is still on the throne and He will prevail as He always does and the accusers will pay!!!!

  • My friends of the Lord lets keep everything in prayer. My desire that Max is innocent. My prayer the truth will come out. My prayer is for restoration of the family. I am torn because the brother I love is being accused of something very saddened. If Max is innocent praise God! If not I pray for restoration. Yes max will need witnesses some people to testify in his behalf so that truth can come out. Just maybe it’s all a misunderstanding my desire.


  • I have known Max for about 15 years and this is the last thing Max would ever do. He has always been an incredibly hard worker, always helping others with his bare hands. He has always been a modest and humble man. And he has always lived beneath his means by choice and never needed much to be happy. He would never, ever take anything. The truth will come out eventually. It’s such a shame that a man like Max has to go through this, especially from the very department that he worked for. People that know Max know the kind of man he is and they will stick by him through all of this. Max is innocent, there is no doubt about that, not a single doubt.

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