UPDATE #10: 3 arrested, including 1 juvenile, following lengthy San Jacinto shooting investigation

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Deputies and Investigators from San Jacinto PD on scene investigating this morning's shooting incident. Marty Phillips photo

Deputies and Investigators from San Jacinto PD on scene investigating this morning’s shooting incident. Marty Phillips photo

SAN JACINTO – Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s San Jacinto Police Station conducted a lengthy, day long investigation following an early morning shooting that occurred yesterday, Monday, Feb. 8.

The incident, which was reported to officials shortly before 6:00 a.m., occurred in the 1300 block of Avenida Garnette, around the corner from Park Hill Elementary School.

Many residents in the area reported waking to the sound of a sheriff’s helicopter circling the neighborhood, making announcements over their PA system for residents of a home to exit.

Deputies and investigators investigating this morning's shooting. Miguel Shannon photo

Deputies and investigators investigating this morning’s shooting. Miguel Shannon photo

Numerous patrol cars could be seen at the Avenida Garnette residence, as well as in the surrounding neighborhoods, as officers searched for three suspects believed to have been involved in the shooting.

The victim of the shooting, identified only as an adult male, suffered what Deputy Mike Vasquez described as a minor “grazing” gunshot wound to his back.

Aerial view of the area of this morning's shooting incident on Avenida Garnette.

Aerial view of the area of this morning’s shooting incident on Avenida Garnette.

Paramedics transported the victim to a local hospital after treating him at the scene for non-life threatening injuries. At about 11:00 a.m., Vasquez stated early reports that the victim sustained major injuries was updated and according to hospital staff the victim’s injuries were downgraded from major to minor. According to the victim, he was released from the hospital later the same day.

During their investigation, deputies and investigators interviewed several witnesses who reported hearing an argument between three male subjects and other neighborhood residents. Some witnesses reported hearing several gunshots being fired, Sgt. Robert Duckett wrote in a press release on Tuesday, Feb.9.

Deputies and investigators investigating this morning's shooting. Miguel Shannon photo

Deputies and investigators investigating this morning’s shooting. Miguel Shannon photo

Marty Phillips, who lives near where the shooting occurred, said she heard several shots fired early on the morning of the incident.

“I heard between four and five shots this morning at about 5:45 a.m. or so, when my husband was leaving for work. I could tell they were close and I was waiting to see if I heard any sirens. But I never heard any so I just fell back asleep,” Phillips explained.

“At about 8:30 a.m., my husband came home and told me there was a bunch of sheriff’s deputies right around the corner and they had crime-scene tape up.”

A deputy takes up a position behind the location where the shooting occurred. Sabrina Davenport photo from Facebook

A deputy takes up a position behind the location where the shooting occurred. Sabrina Davenport photo

Another nearby resident, Sabrina Davenport, talked about the shooting incident, after she saw and photographed a deputy taking up a protected position behind a shed in her backyard.

“It was very scary to know that this was happening right in my own back yard, where my kids and dogs play, Davenport said.

“It really makes you think about the people you live next to and reminds you how important it is to know your surroundings and what’s going on in your area.”

Residents from the normally quiet cul-de-sac, where the incident occurred, were reportedly evacuated from their homes by 12:30 p.m., as deputies and investigators searched the area for the three suspects.

The area surrounding where the shooting occurred remained cordoned off as of 1:50 p.m. Miguel Shannon photo

The area surrounding where the shooting occurred remained cordoned off as of 1:50 p.m. Miguel Shannon photo

Late in the afternoon, parents who have students that attend schools from the surrounding area received notification about the ongoing criminal investigation and search.

The school district sent messages via text, e-mail and phone messages to parents letting them know the students at the schools were on a modified Lock-Down, referred to by the school district as a “Secure In Place” or “Hold And Secure” status.

Parents were also notified that any students who normally walk or ride home along Las Rosas Drive would be required to travel home via a different route. Many parents, who became aware of the ongoing incident via social media, rushed to their children’s schools to pick them up; causing increased traffic congestion around the schools.

Voice mails, texts and e-mails were sent to parents of four different schools, notifying them regarding the active and ongoing investigation.

Voice mails, texts and e-mails were sent to parents of four different schools, notifying them regarding the active and ongoing investigation.

The affected schools included North Mountain Middle School, as well as Estudillo, Park Hill, and Hyatt Elementary Schools.

During their investigation, deputies developed information that led them to a house in the 1200 block of Da Vinci Drive, in San Jacinto, according to Duckett.

Law enforcement personnel, including deputies from San Jacinto PD and the Valle Vista Sheriff’s Station, aided by investigators, and a K9 handler surrounded the residence. The Sheriff’s helicopter, which had already been circling the surrounding neighborhoods for hours, again used their PA system to order the occupants of the residence to exit the home.

The suspect inside the home refused to exit the home, at which time a sheriff’s K9 was deployed into the residence, Duckett explained. The K9 quickly located the suspect hiding inside one of the bedrooms and deputies detained him for further investigation.

The investigation also led sheriff’s personnel to a house in the 1300 block of Avenida Garnette where deputies believed the other two suspects were hiding. According to Duckett, deputies observed one of the two suspects as he was leaving the residence and he was immediately taken into custody.

Deputies and investigators surrounded the house, with assistance from members from the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT/SWAT). “After a lengthy standoff, a diversionary device was deployed causing the third suspect to exit the house without any incident,” Duckett wrote.

Edward Ybarra, 20, of San Jacinto was arrested for his alleged involvement in the shooting.

Edward Ybarra, 20, of San Jacinto was arrested for his alleged involvement in the shooting.

Deputies concluded their investigation and search at the Avenida Garnette addresses and surrounding neighborhoods at about 5:00 p.m., allowing residents who had been temporarily evacuated from the area to return home.

Based on their investigation, witness and victim statements and evidence collected at the multiple residences, sheriff’s officials arrested Edward Rudolfo Ybarra, 20, Corey J Kenneth Nelson, 23, and a juvenile male at about 9:30 p.m. All three alleged suspects reside in San Jacinto, according to Duckett.

Deputies booked Ybarra and Nelson into the Larry D. Smith Correctional facility in Banning for home invasion robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, residential burglary and conspiracy. The juvenile was booked into a juvenile detention facility for the same charges, Duckett wrote.

A jail records search showed Ybarra and Nelson are both being held in lieu of $150,000 bail. Both men are scheduled for arraignment on Thursday, Feb. 11, at 8:00 a.m.

Following the long and harrowing ordeal, Philips said, “It’s scary to have something like this happen so close to my home. But I think the sheriff’s department does a great job at protecting our citizens and investigating crimes.” Phillips continued, “It’s good to know they are equipped with tools like their (helicopter) to help them during their investigations.”

Corey Nelson, 23, of San Jacinto was arrested for his alleged involvement in the shooting.

Corey Nelson, 23, of San Jacinto was arrested for his alleged involvement in the shooting.

Davenport, who spent her entire day with deputies going in and out of her backyard said, “Our officers are doing an awesome job out there. I am happy to feel safe at the same time when such a thing is going on.”

Davenport continued, “I support our officers and open my home to them to do what they have to do to secure our community and make it safe. I am so thankful for the officers who keep us safe.”

The victim in this shooting incident and home invasion robbery, who wished to remain anonymous, talked about the scary ordeal the day after the incident.

“I fell asleep on my couch, while watching Super Bowl coverage. I heard a noise and saw that my porch door was partially open,” he explained. Worried that his cat had gotten out, the victim got up to shut the door.

As the victim walked to the open door to check on his cat, he saw a person standing outside his residence holding a gun.

“As I slammed the glass door, he fired his gun at me. The first bullet hit the door,” according to the victim. “As I twisted to run away he fired again, this time through the glass. As I turned and ran, a bullet grazed my back.”

The victim then described running into another room, where he encountered a second armed suspect who reportedly fired at least two more shots at the terrified man. The victim said he believed the suspects fired a total of six shots at him.

“After that, I ran into my garage and hid,” he reported. “Fortunately I had my phone in my pocket and I called the police, who immediately rushed to my home.”

Upon hearing that Sheriff’s officials had arrested all three alleged suspects in the home invasion robbery and shooting, the victim stated, “I’m very happy deputies caught the suspects. The police, and especially Investigator Janecka, have been exceptional and they all deserve the highest praise for their commitment and skill in finding and catching the suspects so quickly.”

Thankful to still be alive, the victim said, “I thank God and feel blessed that I was able to survive this. I know I am lucky to be alive.”

Although deputies arrested all three suspects believed to be involved in this incident, Duckett wrote this is still an active and ongoing criminal investigation, and he encouraged anyone with information related to this incident to call Investigator Janecka at (951) 791-3400.


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  • Do you know why the shooting took place? Home invasion, Robbery, etc.?? I live about 3 blocks away and would like to know.

    • There are rumors that it was either a home invasion robbery or a burglary gone bad, however the sheriff’s department has not yet made any statement regarding the motive. I am expecting a press release to be released soon from the sheriff’s department and I will update my report with further information as soon as it becomes available through official channels.

  • How was ot a home invasion corey lives at that house? Has for ye aars

    • I have no idea, but that is what he and the others were charged with. As I understand from the sheriff’s department, it was neighbor’s who committed the crime. Corey was eventually arrested at his own residence, nearby.

  • Huh,? That’s weird , robbing your own house that’s a first. Lol
    This is crazy and really sad I was with Corey for almost, 5 years lived in that house also. Point is I hold him and his family close to my heart and this is the last thing I wanna see, wish Corey would stop drinking im sure that has a if play in all this . Who Got shot? Do you know. Anyways, I’m glad everyone is for the most part okay and Im gonna pray things will work out okay and Corey will learn from all this. I’m still shocked

    • Corey does not live in the house that it happened

    • Corey is in my Prayers God see’s his heart God I lift Corey up to you right now he needs you speak wisdom in him and guide him In Jesus name Amen

      • AMEN <3
        those of us us who know the real Corey , know he is an amazing man with a beautiful heart. him and his family are truly amazing, and are in my prayers daily always have been <3

        Ps. I am not in any way saying what he did was ok or anything like that , it was clearly a very bad mistake

  • We’re the same two arrested for the same thing not to long ago ???

  • Wow…shootings, drugs & alcohol in San Jacinto, who would’ve thought?

  • Why not have the victim in your prayers?

  • Bunch of NO GOOD Theives!!! They need to be LOCKED up for a good amount of time, given counseling and then MOVED AWAY From this area, to never return. Jmo

  • As the victim they need to go to jail forever they shot at me 6 times

    • My prayers and support are with you B.C. I live in the same neighborhood and am in total shock about the whole thing…and I wish people would read info correctly…

    • My Daughter is a murder victim, Crystal Theobald. I was a victim in this shooting as well I have been diagnosed with P.T.S.D. The violence is real this happens in all communities nation wide. I am thankful this victim survived when these punks tried to murder an innocent man in his home!!

  • To whom the victim may be,
    I’m sorry to hear what you gone through. It can be a scary position, as for your not the only person who has ever got shot at. Be thankful and blessed your alive, theirs a reason why the bullet did not hit you. It’s up to you to see the reason and purpose. I hope you find in your heart forgiveness. I know what you gone through and personally I can see why your mad. I had gotten shot at by 5 males that were acouple feet away from me; luckily none of them shot me and I got away. I was more happy to be alive then to be mad because I could’ve instantly been taken away from my family. I know you don’t like these two men but personally I know them and I know deep down they have a heart and a potential to have a better future. To be honest with you its your choice whether or not to give them a second chance. They are Young and dumb right now and I hope you can forgive them. As I forgave who shot at me. I know for a fact they would never put their self in a situation like that again, they been through a lot and I know they did not have a right to do what they did but please let God punish them at the gates of heaven.

    Mathew 6:14-15
    For if you forgive other people when they sin against you. Your heavenly father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their sins, your father will not forgive your sins.

    Please let me show you they have alot to offer and please forgive them, I know it will take time but I know them and I know God can put them both on a better path. The only thing is can you find forgiveness and be willing to see it?

  • James BEAUPRE you


  • I will let God do the forgiving. It has only been 3 days probably not thinking about forgiving them right now, maybe some day.

    • Yes please do but you can Atleast drop a charge so that Atleast have a chance to do better. They are in on a bail for a million dollars, pretty much life. Do you know how young they are? I understand acouple years but life? I know these two ? they can change and I’d be willing to do years to if they wouldn’t change. That’s how confident I am with them . But please life? I can’t they have family and people that love them too

      • Have to be kidding me the shot adamant and attempted to murder him they do not deserve to ever get out no matter what their age I do not know who you are or what perspective you have but somebody that goes into somebody’s house and shoots of them does not deserve to ever get out of jail ever they should be charge for felony attempted murder.

  • I used to live in San Jacinto and I know its one of the most currupt and dangerous places you can live. That town does bad things to good people. I will not give the cops praise for finally doing their job for ONCE. They have a rediculous solve rate and don’t do anything about all the drugs. Every time I had to call them for an incident with being followed by a creep or when I was attacked- they never even showed up to my location in the middle of the night. I never even saw one officer in that horrible town when I lived there. I moved because of the crime and lack of care from enforcement officers. My mother and grandmother unfortunately live there still but I will never even visit them knowing I won’t ever be safe or protected. San HELLcinto is not the place for kids or anyone for that matter. I suggest covering it with desert sand and start over with a whole new police task force. Bit everyone continue to praise them for arresting three confused kids on heavy drugs that need help. Good work Coppas, now keep up the good work by continuing to do your job?? Maybe?? For once?? For the kids…come on….I know you wanna arrest more of those….

  • You have to be kidding me. These kids went into somebody else’s house and shot at him six times attempting to murder him. They do not deserve to ever get out of jail. It does not matter their age once they do something like this they revoke any rights to having any life in the future. They should be charged for felonyattempted murder. No charges should be dropped this is ridiculous.

  • I’ve met Corey in county and I can honestly say he’s no killer. Not even an attempted killer. He’s a fighter. That’s a good man right there. Even though he’s fighting life he wakes up each day looking out for the guys next to him. As a veteran and someone who got arrested for something I didn’t do. I’d bet my soul on my judgment of his character. And I take great pride in my judgment of character. Not everything is what it seems. Just reading the report I can see discrepancies. Anyways, thanks for looking out for me Corey. I hope you beat this. You’re in my thoughts and prayers brother! Stay strong!

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