Video shows suspect enter Hemet restaurant and steal food before fleeing business

HEMET – An unidentified male entered a Sonic restaurant on Jan. 30, stealing food from behind the employees’ food preparation area, before forcing his way back out of the restaurant and threatening to assault an employee. The subject’s actions were caught on an employee’s cell phone camera and later shared on Facebook. See video below.

The shocking incident began when an unidentified male walked into the employee area of a Sonic restaurant, located on the 3600 block of West Stetson Ave. After walking into the food preparation area of the restaurant, the subject grabbed food from behind the counter, first pushing his way past and then threatening stunned employees.

Despite the employees attempts to halt the subject, he refused to stop. One of the employees followed the male out the door into the parking lot, where the subject then threatened to assault the employee. The subject was seen getting into a waiting newer, grey Nissan Altima, 2-door coupe, with green paper dealership plates.

A Facebook posting of the video clearly showed the face of the subject, as well as the vehicle he left the restaurant parking lot in. The video has left many in the community shocked at the brazen way the male walked into and then back out of the restaurant, after stealing food.

In his Facebook post about the incident, a Sonic employee wrote, “Classic Hemet.. This is at my work today at Sonic. He walked in the store where he’s not allowed to be and stole food from us. He then fought us off trying to get out of the store, I followed him out to his car to try and get his license plate and then I said too much and threatened me and then unfortunately he had no plates and they drove off. He only took around $4 worth of food but the fact he came into the workplace that he’s not allowed into and pushed his way through my co workers is ridiculous.”

Writer Note: On Feb. 1, I received confirmation that this suspect was identified after he sent violent and threatening messages to the witness who recorded this video. While I am holding off releasing the suspect’s name and images of the threats, pending an official release from Hemet Police officials, the message the suspect sent to the victim included extremely violent and threatening language. This incident could now be charged as two felonies, strong-arm robbery and witness intimidation.


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As of this report, it is unknown whether this crime – which could potentially be charged as a strong-arm robbery – was reported to Hemet Police or if an investigation is being conducted. Check back for updates.


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