TEMECULA: UPDATE DA files 99 counts related to child molestation against area resident

Trevor Montgomery

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MURRIETA – A suspect who was booked on more than 500 felony counts related to allegations of sexual abuse against a juvenile female had his first court appearance at the Southwest Justice Center this morning.

The suspect, who has been identified as Sean Fitzpatrick Damewood, a 52-year-old resident of the unincorporated area outside Temecula, was originally arrested just before midnight on Jan. 5 and booked into the Southwest Detention Center on Jan. 6 the following morning. He was booked on over 500 felony counts related to the alleged incidents involving a young girl.

Court records indicate that of the 522 charges he was booked into jail on, the district attorney’s office filed 99 separate charges against him. Those charges include 48 counts of lewd acts with a child, 50 counts of engaging in oral copulation or sexual penetration with a child, and a single count of exhibiting harmful matter to a juvenile.

Court records also indicate that during today’s court hearing a non-domestic criminal order of protection was issued against Damewood. It was not immediately known who that order of protection was related to.

Damewood is scheduled for a Felony Settlement Conference on Jan. 19. His next court date has been scheduled for Jan. 21, at 8:30 a.m., at the Southwest Justice Center in Murrieta.

Damewood remains in custody at the Southwest Detention Center. He is being held in lieu of $1,000,000 bail.


Temecula area resident charged with over 500 counts of sexual abuse against a minor

TEMECULA – An area resident was arrested and charged yesterday with more than 500 felony counts related to allegations of child molestation and sexual abuse of a minor. He was booked into jail just before midnight on Jan. 5. The alleged incidents reportedly occurred in the unincorporated area of Riverside County, near Temecula.

In a press release from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Sergeant Spivacke wrote that deputies from the Southwest Station began investigating the alleged incidents on Jan. 4.

During their initial investigation, deputies interviewed an unidentified juvenile female regarding the allegations. The juvenile disclosed to them she had been the victim of several years of sexual abuse by a man identified as a long-time friend of the family.

Detectives assumed the investigation and discovered the sexual abuse had been occurring for approximately four years, continuing from the time the victim was about 5-years-old until she was about 9-years-old. The victim disclosed to investigators the suspect had initiated several hundred different encounters during that time.

The suspect was identified as 52-year-old Sean Damewood of Riverside County. Before investigators could contact him, they learned that Damewood had fled the area after he learned about the allegations of sexual abuse.

Damewood was located the following day in San Diego County. He was detained on Newport Ave. in the city of Ocean Beach.

Damewood was transported to the Southwest Station where he was interviewed regarding the allegations against him. Based on their initial and follow-up investigations, sheriff’s investigators arrested Damewood.

Following his arrest, Damewood was booked at the Southwest Detention Center for a total of 522 charges. According to jail records, all but two of those charges were felonies related to sexual abuse and molestation of a minor. Damewood was being held in lieu of $1,000,000 bail.


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  • The Governor will see that he is treated for his addiction and not locked up to long. Prop 47

  • Don’t know if its just my phone but the writers name “Trevor Montgomery” is right under the photo. Looks to me like it is the name of the molester. You might want to check I out.

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        • Yes, that is a weird glitch I finally figured out, so for newer stories that doesn’t happen anymore…..thankfully.
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          Thanks for the heads up though!


  • This is really sad, forget due process let’s go for the gas chamber.. Better yet put him with the general population Now.

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