Emergency Response Training Exercise Scheduled for March Field Station – Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015.


Emergency Response Training Exercise:
Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015


  • Notification of Planned Emergency Response Training Exercise at New Metrolink Perris Valley Line/March Field Station

The Riverside County Transportation Commission is continuing construction of the metro link in Riverside and Perris at their 91/Perris Valley Line in Riverside and Perris.

To prepare for the opening of the line early next year an emergency training exercise will be held for area law-enforcement, fire service agencies and other emergency first responders.

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The training exercise will be held Wednesday, December 9, at the Moreno Valley March field station 14160 Meridian Parkway in Riverside. Training occurring could be visible from the I 215 Freeway, as well as Cactus Ave and Allesandro Blvd. Planned training activities could cause delays along the freeway and adjacent major roadways.

Please be aware a Metrolink train will be parked at the station and approximately 75 to 100 emergency responders from various agencies will be present in the area with their fire trucks and law-enforcement vehicles, practicing emergency scenarios in order to be better prepared for the event of an accident, natural disaster, act  of terrorism or other major incident.


The Riverside County Transportation Commission is asking businesses and residents to inform their customers, employees, family members, neighbors and others that emergency responders will be on hand for this drill.

Anyone with questions or concerns are advised to contact Eliza Perez, Public Affirs Manager for Perris Valley Line at: (855) 785(PVL)-4111. Perez can also be contacted via e-mail at eperez@rctc.org


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