Racing Cars Lead To Single-Vehicle Roll-Over Accident On I-215

Written by Trevor Montgomery

Riverside County News Source

On-Scene Photograph Credits:

Laura Orosco & William Hayes


Two vehicles that were reportedly racing Southbound on the 215 freeway led to a single-vehicle rollover accident that caused minor injuries to the driver of the vehicle. The accident occurred at the Harley Knox off-ramp.

According to witnesses who stopped at the scene to help the driver of the car that flipped over, the vehicle in the accident was involved in a reckless, high-speed race with another car that fled the scene following the wreck.


Photo Credit: Laura Orosco

Laura Orosco, a witness to the accident, stated, “The other car was speeding in the shoulder lane and almost side-swiped us. Then the black car flipped right in front of us.”

According to Orosco, the two cars were both racing on the freeway just prior to the accident. “They were racing. We saw them going in and out of lanes, speeding and weaving in and out of traffic.” Orosco continued, “As they were coming up from behind us, (the black) car was in the far left lane when the driver suddenly tried to veer across the entire freeway; probably to exit.”


Photo Credit: Laura Orosco

Orosco said, “Instead of making the exit, the driver lost control of his car due to his high rate of speed and he flipped into the dirt shoulder of the freeway.” The vehicle came to rest against a fence separating the freeway from nearby railroad tracks that run adjacent to the West side of the Southbound lanes of the freeway.

According to multiple witnesses, the other car involved in the incident sped through the dirt shoulder of the freeway, nearly crashing as well. When the victim’s car lost control and flipped over, the driver of the white car kept going; fleeing the area at a high rate of speed.


Photo Credit: Laura Orosco

Several other motorists who witnessed the roll-over accident immediately pulled over to help and offer assistance to the driver of the wrecked car.

The driver involved in the accident was reported to have suffered minor injuries, including bruises and scratches and had minor complaints of pain. The driver was evaluated at the scene by emergency first responders and declined further medical treatment.


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  • I hope he was arrested! There has been a maniacal driver in a small black sedan racing on Ramona Expressway for months.

  • Laurel Theresa Antoinette Rudy

    That idiot driver is lucky he only had “minor” injuries, he deserves much worse. He could have actually killed somebody else. He needs to spend a long time in jail. Racing on a busy freeway like the I – 215 is serious business. Racing anywhere other than an actual approved raceway is basically criminal activity and a threat to the life of other people on the road. I hope the other racer will eventually get apprehended too and locked away for good long time too.

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