Another Random Act Of Kindness

Written by Trevor Montgomery

Riverside County News Source


Sourced anonymously from the internet: Yesterday I went to the drive-thru ATM at my bank. As I was putting my card in I noticed there was money already sitting in the cash dispenser.

I reached down and removed the money, at which time I discovered it was $500.00 cash!

I drove around to the bank entrance and took the money inside the bank. After waiting my turn in line, I told the teller what happened and tried to hand her the money. The teller was so surprised, she wouldn’t even take the cash from me.

The teller called the manager over, who said there was nothing he could do about the found cash. I suggested perhaps the manager could check and see who was the customer right before me. in the end the manager said he would look into the matter and he took my name and number.

Today I received a call back from the bank manager. The manager told me I was on a three-way call and he had the owner of the money on the phone with us.

I learned the person who had left the cash inside the ATM was Edith and she is 92 years old. Edith had come to the bank the day before to pull out the money necessary to pay for her $480.00 monthly rent.

Edith said she wanted to give me the twenty dollars that was left for a reward. Even though it was all the money she had for the rest of the month, she was so thankful to have her rent money back, she wanted to give me what little cash she had left.

I told her absolutely not and to have a great day.

After I got off the phone I got to thinking about Edith and her twenty dollars to last her the rest of the month. I called the bank manager and asked him to transfer $200 from my account into hers. A co-worker heard what I was doing and said he would also chip in an extra $100 for Edith!

About an hour later the bank manager called me and told me that after he told all the tellers what I had done and together, they came up with another $300 to go with the other $300 for Edith!

So today was a very good day!

Merry Christmas a little early Edith!


(If you happened to be the one who wrote the original RAOK sourced to write this story or if you happen to know the Edith in this story, please contact me via FB or the e-mail link below.)


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