SD Crash Kills Two-Sends Helicopter Spinning Wildly Out Of Control Before It Bursts Into Flames W/Video

Written by Trevor Montgomery
CARLSBAD, Calif., On Nov. 18, a helicopter crashed and caught fire at McClellan-Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, an airport located within San Diego County. Officials have stated the accident killed both people on board.
According to Carlsbad Fire Division Chief Mike Lopez, the crash and a fire were reported at about 4:20 p.m. Lopez said the pilot was trying to land at the time of the fatal accident.
The helicopter has been described only as a small A Star, high performance helicopter, typically the type used for business purposes.

During a press conference Chief Lopez stated the helicopter crashed while trying to land on a special tow-able dolly, meant to make it easier to move the helicopter in and out of it’s hanger.

Lopez confirmed after the helicopter crashed, it rolled over onto it’s side where it spun wildly for several minutes, before the helicopter erupted into flames and billowing smoke that could be seen for miles. Lopez also confirmed both people on board the helicopter were killed during the incident.

Nobody on the ground was hurt during the incident, which was videotaped by a number of different bystanders. The fire was quickly doused by emergency first responders.

One video showed the helicopter spinning wildly in a circle on the ground before losing its tail section and tipping over in a cloud of flame and smoke.

Video Credit: Youtube: Fox5 San Diego / KSWB

In a previous interview, witness Marco Hernandez told the San Diego Union-Tribune he saw the chopper tilting on the ground and the blades hit the pavement, striking sparks. Hernandez, who was checking his airplane with plans to fly to Torrance, said as he watched, two people inside the helicopter were trying to get out. Then, he said, the aircraft tipped over, erupting into flames and smoke

The airport was closed during the investigation by the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board. As of this report, the airport remains closed.

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