Incident Occurring Near Florida and Girard Leaves One Officer Injured, One Suspect On The Run

UPDATE #2@3:03p.m.

Written by Trevor Montgomery

Riverside County News Source

On-Scene Reporting: Aric Bell

Hemet Valley Incidents


Hemet, Calif.; At 2:51 Hemet Valley Incidents On-Scene Reporter Aric Bell reported this incident began as a suspected bank robbery that was about to occur. The call came from the manager of the Provident Bank, who noticed suspicious activity from two male subjects who were sitting outside the bank in a burgundy truck.


When officers arrived and began to detain the suspects, a fight broke out, during which one of the two suspects, who only had one handcuff on, scuffled with one or more officers. One of the officers had one or more bones broken in has hand, possibly a finger.


One suspect was immediately subdued, however the other suspect managed to flee from officers on foot, while still handcuffed on one hand. The suspect’s fleeing reportedly led to a several hours long “Lock-Down” at some schools while other area schools activated their “Shelter-In-Place” protocols.


As of this report, all school Lock-Downs or Shelter In Place Modes had been lifted, however the outstanding suspect has yet to be located.


A search of the suspect’s truck yielded weapons and suspected methamphetamines.


This incident is active and ongoing. Check back often.




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Written by Trevor Montgomery

Hemet, Calif.; As of 2:20 p.m., I received notification from a watch commander at the Hemet Police Department that there is still ONE OUTSTANDING SUSPECT who has NOT been taken into custody in regards to this active and ongoing investigation.
The outstanding suspect has been described as a Hispanic male, wearing a long sleeve grey shirt. That suspect has been further described as possibly having a set of handcuffs attached to one wrist.
The lockdowns were lifted from the area schools due to not having any further information as to the whereabouts of the second suspect, although Hemet officers are still actively searching for the suspect.
The watch commander confirmed a Hemet Police Officer was injured during the incident, however he could not provide any further information about the injured officer.
This is still an active and ongoing investigation.
Anyone seeing the listed suspect is to call 911 immediately and not attempt to approach the suspect or contact him in any way.
This incident and investigation is still ongoing and has not yet concluded.

Photo Credit: Aric Bell, Hemet Valley Incidents


Photo Credit: Aric Bell, Hemet Valley Incidents


Photo Credit: Aric Bell, Hemet Valley Incidents


Photo Credit: Aric Bell, Hemet Valley Incidents


Photo Credit: Aric Bell, Hemet Valley Incidents


Photo Credit: Aric Bell, Hemet Valley Incidents


Photo Credit: Laurie Cain, Hemet News


Photo Credit: Laurie Cain, Hemet News


Photo Credit: Laurie Cain, Hemet News


Photo Credit: Laurie Cain, Hemet News


Photo Credit: Laurie Cain, Hemet News


Photo Credit: Laurie Cain, Hemet News


Written by Trevor Montgomery

All Photos Credit: Laurie Cain
A police incident is occurring right now near Florida and Girard.
During some type of law enforcement action, two suspects took off running from the Provident Bank at the corner of Florida and Girard.
Officers from the Hemet Police Department caught one suspect almost immediately while the other suspect took off running and was last seen on Acacia. That suspect was described as wearing a long sleeve, grey shirt and is reported to have one handcuff attached to one wrist.

Suspected Methamphetamine on the ground.

Star 9 is circling around the area of a church off of Acacia where the suspect was last seen running and still being pursued on foot by Hemet officers.
A Chevrolet truck that the suspects were driving is being processed for evidence right now. It has been reported that multiple guns and weapons were found inside the suspect’s vehicle, although that fact has yet to be officially confirmed. One of the suspects had a large quantity of suspected methamphetamines on him and threw his drugs on the ground of the parking lot while he was fleeing.
It has been reported that Baypoint Prep and Acacia Middle School are both currently locked down due to the incident.
One officer was taken to the hospital after he was injured, possibly with a broken finger. It is currently unknown how the officer was injured.

Guns recovered from inside suspect’s truck

This incident is active and ongoing so check back regularly for updates.
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