Racing suspected in Hwy 74 wreck in Homeland

HOMELAND – Officials have confirmed that speed was a contributing factor in a two-vehicle crash that left both vehicles barely recognizable early Wednesday morning, Aug. 3.

The collision, which destroyed both vehicles and nearly ripped one of the two cars in half, happened while the two vehicles were traveling eastbound on Highway 74, between Naumann and Homeland avenues, in the unincorporated community of Homeland.


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Witnesses later reported to CHP that the two vehicles appeared to be racing and were weaving in and out of traffic when they lost control, crashed into each other, and careened off the roadway, knocking down and destroying a section of wall outside a church, which has seen more than its fair share of troubles recently after two suspected arson fires.

One of the cars involved in the accident was nearly ripped in half in the collision. Miguel Shannon photo

CHP, Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire, and other emergency personnel were dispatched to the scene about 2:15 a.m., after receiving several 911 calls reporting the crash.

When officials arrived at the scene they located the mangled wreckage of two vehicles, described as a beige Honda Accord and white Toyota sedan. Photos taken at the scene indicate the tremendous impact nearly ripped the Honda in half.

A large section of a perimeter brick pillar and wrought iron fence of the Community First Church of God was also destroyed in the collision.

The church was the location of two recent fires; one where the church was destroyed on April 30, and a second fire May 20 that destroyed the church’s parsonage. A transient has since been arrested, accused of being a serial arsonist who was targeting locations throughout the Homeland area.

In spite of all the recent devastating incidents that have plagued his church this year, Pastor Rocky Moore expressed positivity in a recent email response about the traffic accident, saying, “I’m just thankful that no one was seriously injured.”

Despite the major damage to the two involved vehicles, the occupants only reported minor complaints of pain and neither required hospitalization.

CHP is conducting an accident investigation as well as looking into the claims that the two vehicles were racing when they collided. However, an officer at the scene of the collision already confirmed excessive speed had already been confirmed to be a primary contributing factor in the crash.

Anyone who witnessed this accident or has information about the incident is encouraged to contact CHP officials at (951) 769-2000.

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  • Very Ironic they crashed into the church and took it out completely but yet didn’t die and only suffered minor injuries I’d call that miraculous to say the least!!!
    And it’s beyond my comprehension as to why all the churches in Homeland are slowly but surely being destroyed, 1st by arson and now this accident, and I thought Hemet ,San Jacinto, and Vale Vista were the towns with the curse!!! It’s alot to wrap ones mind around.

  • There are tailgaters everwhere, they are in such a hurry, to do what, endanger everyone they get near to on the road? What a bunch of fools.
    What happened to a bit of consideration for others?

  • Margaret Blaine

    God is so good. So happy to hear those foolish kids were not seriously hurt. The church mentioned is wrong name, it was the Community First Church of God that was just hit with fire of our building, and parsonage. Both totally lost. Our God is great. He tries those He loves. As our Pastor’s wife told me, “We are blessed.” And yes we are and especially those two kids and their families.

  • Idiots like these two should be prohibited from ever driving a vehicle again. Nice job guys, you definitely inspire all of us to weep for the future.

  • This is truly a miracle from God. That these two were not killed is only by God’s Grace. I hope the know and appreciate this. May God be glorified.

  • And for the record the two cars were headed west bound on the highway not east. This accident literally happened right in front of my friend and I. They passed us and not even a minute later wrecked. It was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. They were for sure racing, no doubt.